Photo print ideas for your wedding pictures

Hello everybody! Welcome back to the PFF blog. With the government announcing phase 2 will begin on the 19th June, that means that weddings can take place again. Yayyy. With weddings being able to take place, that would mean that you are able to take beautiful wedding photos and have them printed so you can decorate your home with your significant other.

Generally, most of our customers hang their wedding prints in their bedroom or their living room. The size of the print should be decided based on the amount of wall space you have.

Some of our most popular photo prints newlyweds go for are:

  1. Canvas prints
  2. Framed prints
  3. Wooden prints
  4. Metal prints

Canvas Prints

One of our most popular prints newlyweds go for is canvas prints. Our canvas prints give off a more artistic vibe as compared to our other products. A key advantage of using canvas prints is that that canvas prints have no glare or reflection when light shines on it. This allows you to enjoy the image at any point of time in the day without the distraction of the glare.

The blue lines above indicate the fold lines of the Canvas Print for Image Wrap. 

You can find out more about our canvas prints on our website and on our previous blog post regarding wedding canvas displays – which photo should I use. You can also check out our tips on canvas prints and our guide on canvas prints for more information.

Framed prints

Another popular print that newlyweds go for is our framed prints. Newlyweds usually print their photos and have them framed up to hang it in their bedroom or living room.

Image showing a personalised gallery wall

Image showing a framed wedding print

For framed prints, you can either create your gallery wall of framed prints or get a large print to hang in the bedroom or living room. We do have some suggestions on creating your gallery wall. Check out your previous blog post regarding decorating your walls with framed prints.

Wood prints

Wood prints are one other popular option that many of our customers seek when printing wedding photos. Our wood print gives your photo prints an all-natural look, blending the crafts of wood printing and photography into a unique piece of art. We have 2 different types of wood available for you to choose from. Either the premium birch or the straight grain wood.

When printing the wooden prints, do take note that white colour does not get printed on wood. This allows the natural wood colour and wood grain to show through the wood prints.

Colour Consistency

For more information regarding wood prints, check out our previous blogpost on back to nature with our wood print.

Metal prints

Last but not least our metal prints are another popular choice amongst our customers who would like to get their wedding pictures printed. There are numerous advantages to purchasing a metal print. Such advantages are it being waterproof, scratchproof and spill-proof. This would mean that getting a metal print can last you a lifetime and you need not worry about the metal print getting damaged via a water spill as compared to the conventional photos which could be damaged by a water leak in the house for example. Our metal prints are printed on aluminium with a thickness of 1.1mm and come in a variety of sizes. The size you choose will depend on how you envision your bedroom to be. You could design your gallery wall using metal prints or simply have one large metal print in your bedroom or living room.

If you are keen to find out more on our metal prints, do check out our previous blog post regarding photos immortalized – metal prints if you haven’t done so.

And that’s all for today folks! We hope that you found this blog post informative. Til next time. Cheers.