Tips On Canvas Printing

Welcome everybody back to the PFF blog. It’s been a while since we touched on canvas printing. Today we will be walking you through some tips on deciding whether a canvas printing is best suited for you.

Tip 1: Deciding on the photo to use

The most important tip is to select a picture that you love and will never get tired of. We recommend using a picture that means a great deal to you. It could be your wedding picture, a family picture, a picture related to nature, a picture of you partaking in your favourite hobby.

Do note that you should avoid silly photos for canvas prints. Canvas prints are permanent and cannot be swapped out like those in frames. In time to come, you may not appreciate these silly moments.

Landscape/Panoramic Photo canvas printing

Tip 2: Old photos are great but the resolution of the picture is important too

Old pictures are lovely and can remind us of our parent’s love story back in the day or the good old days that we had when we were younger. Hence, printing old pictures on canvas can be an ideal choice for some of us.

However, old pictures tend to be lower in resolution. It is paramount that you do not choose a canvas size that is too big as the bigger the canvas size, the higher the required resolution of the picture has to be. Hence, you can either choose a smaller canvas or increase the resolution of your image.

Canvas Printing of Old & Vintage Photos |Image source:

Tip 3: Envision where you want to hang the canvas printing

After selecting on your desired image, it is crucial to envision where you want to hang up the canvas print in your house.
Some key questions to ask yourself:
1. Where do I want to hang my canvas print in my house? It could be in the living room/bedroom/walkway etc.
2. How much wall space is available to hang my canvas print?

Canvas print in the living room|Image source: Julia Apostolava

A bigger wall could entail a large canvas print or smaller canvas prints that are arranged in a layout.

Large Canvas Print
Small Canvas Prints

Tip 4: Deciding on the size of the canvas print

Now that you have selected your image and where you want to hang up the canvas print, it is time to decide on the size of the canvas print. Our canvas prints come in various sizes ranging from 20cm x 20cm to 90cm x 90cm. Click here to find out the full range of sizes we offer.

It is important to select the correct size of the canvas print to hang up on your wall. Don’t get a bigger size because it is a bang for the buck. Instead, choose the size that will bring out the maximal beauty of the canvas print on your wall.

Tip 5: Selecting the canvas print shape

This is a crucial factor to consider since it will affect the final outcome of the print. Take the example of a person’s portrait. When selecting this for canvas printing, choose a vertical rectangular frame to accommodate most of the subject’s form. If the focus is mainly on the face or the upper body, a square frame can be utilised. Landscape photos are best put on long horizontal frames for maximum effect.

Portrait & Landscape Canvases‎|Source:

Additionally, consider the positioning of the subject in the photo and select a suitable shape that fits the subject. If for example, it’s a close up shot of your baby or young child, then very often a square canvas print is a nice way to go. It fills the canvas and contrasts nicely with the round shape of the face.

Square Canvases|Source:

Collages are a great way to go for holiday photos or wedding photos and serves as a clever way of compensating for photos that are lower in resolution because each image is printed at a smaller size. The bottom line is thinking about your shape is a  easy way to go from average canvas print to awesome canvas print.

Collage Canvas‎es|Source:

Tip 6: Choosing rolled or stretched canvas print

Do you plan on framing your photo canvas yourself? In this case you might want to order a rolled canvas. A rolled canvas is more affordable and also easier to archive, making this a good option if storage space is critical.If you plan to immediately display your canvas, you should consider ordering a stretched canvas instead.

Stretched Vs. Rolled Canvas|Source:

If you do decide to go with a stretched canvas, you’re going to be given the choice between gallery and museum wrapping:

Gallery wrap canvases are stretched so that the image wraps around the edge of the frame. This a nice, clean modern look that gives your stretched canvas the illusion of floating off a wall.

Museum wrap canvases are also stretched in much the same way as gallery wrap canvases except, the entirety of the image is in front of the frame and does not go over the sides like gallery wrap canvases. Instead, they have a blank border along the sides, giving museum wrap canvases a more modern look compared to conventional framing.

Gallery Wrap (Top) Vs. Museum Wrap (Bottom)|Source:

With that, we have come to the end of today’s blog post. We hope that you find these 6 tips useful when deciding whether to print on canvas. If you found this post useful, do share it with a friend. Till next time. Cheers!