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PFF’s guide to creating posters

Hello everybody. Welcome back to the PFF blogpost. Today we will be elaborating about our poster creation tool. Perhaps you have a friend’s birthday coming up or you want to arrange pictures into a collage […]

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Tips On Printing On Canvas

Welcome everybody back to the PFF blog. It’s been a while since we touched on canvas printing. Today we will be walking you through some tips on deciding whether a canvas printing is best suited […]

Choosing photos to print in black and white

Image source: Elaine Ling Welcome back to the PFF blog. On today’s episode, we will be talking about when you should choose black and white prints over coloured prints. When should you opt to choose […]

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Photo Printing – DIY Scrapbook

We heard you! You guys have been requesting for another photo printing DIY post for months now. And as we are all in the season of giving, we’re here to give you what you’ve asked […]

Wedding Canvas Prints – Which photo should I use?

Thinking of printing your wedding photos to decorate your home or wedding reception but not sure which photo to choose? Out of the hundreds that you have, you’ve probably already shortlisted a few but let […]