Canva: Printing Photo Collages

Welcome back to another PFF blog! We realised printing photo collages is very popular amongst our customers – especially when it comes to gifting. We even receive queries if we are able to customise our photo collages, i.e. Instagram Poster Collage or Square Frames even further. In one of our previous blog post, we had shared how to create your own photo collage using Adobe Indesign. If you have not read it yet, do give it a read: Creating customised photo collages with Adobe Indesign.

As not everyone has Adobe Indesign, we will share how you can create simple photo collage using Canva. Canva is a great platform where you can create many designs of your images and its free to use!

Shape Collage

Similar to Adobe Indesign, you can create multiple photos in one shape using a collage layout provided by Canva. Simple as pie!

Letter Shape Photo

You can create a simple letter photo without any hassle of using clipping mask. Canva does it for you.

Mix it up

We had received queries on whether we can they can customise the Square Frame to include a mix of both rectangle and squared photos. Unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate to the request as our Square Frame is a standard product. Alternatively, you could create your own photo collage for any size.

Wrapping Up

Creating your own collage with Canva is really as simple as that! The ideas we provided are just scratching the surface – there are more as you explore Canva. Give it a try and unleash your creativity. Once you’re happy with your own photo collage design, get them printed with us! Printing photo collages is just a click away.

‘Til next time, cheers!