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Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

Hello everyone. Welcome back to the PFF blog. With Father’s Day around the corner and with dining outside still unavailable, PFF has come up with some gift ideas that you could use to celebrate Father’s […]

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Tips On Printing On Canvas

Welcome everybody back to the PFF blog. It’s been a while since we touched on canvas printing. Today we will be walking you through some tips on deciding whether a canvas printing is best suited […]

Choosing photos to print in black and white

Image source: Elaine Ling Welcome back to the PFF blog. On today’s episode, we will be talking about when you should choose black and white prints over coloured prints. When should you opt to choose […]

Choosing Photos For Your Gallery Wall

On today’s episode on creating your own gallery wall, we will be choosing photos for your gallery wall. If you still have not read our previous post on deciding which frames to use, do check […]