5 Wall Decor Ideas Using Photos

Looking at wall decor ideas for your next wall revamp using photos?

It is no doubt using pictures makes decorations more personalised, instead of ones that everyone has access to. In today’s Print For Fun blog, let us spice your wall with some amazing wall decor ideas to make it even better!

Here are five simple and speedy examples to help you. All of them are practical and look pretty amazing!

Let’s start off with small prints:

  1. Colour Coordinated Photos

colour coordinated polaroid wall

The colours for colour coordinated photos are attractive and stands out. This is a good wall decor idea to bring a little life to the room.

Print them here: Small Vintages

2. Different Sizes

hipster wall decor

The use of various photo sizes and different orientations gives the wall a neat finish. If you are thinking of printing with us, you can print them in A4/ Wide Vintage/ Large Squares!

Print them here: PFF

3. Wall Clock

photo wall clock

How about some clock? Super unique and you will never be late again! Ditch those classic wall clocks with this personalized one!

Let’s move on to bigger prints! These may cost slightly more than smaller prints due to its size/accessories used.

4. Instagram Wall

instagram wall

Never thought you could frame your Instagram pictures? Now you can! Really cool and neat way to showcase your photos. These will look especially gorgeous in the living room!

Print them here: Mini Square Frame

5. Jumbo PhotoStrip

Two Hanging Jumbo Photostrips

This upsized version of a photo strip is a really cute way to display your photos around the house! Great for displaying on the walls in a vertical format, which will fall nicely against your wall instead of horizontal which might take too much space.

Print them here: Jumbo Photostrips

Here are the 5 photo wall decor ideas that we have shortlisted for sharing! With these ideas, you will never have to look at your wall the same way ever again. We hope you learned a thing or two!