Marriage: Proposal Decor For Your Perfect Proposal

What’s the big deal with wedding proposals anyway? Well, proposals are infinitely more romantic than asking your partner to BTO, and the love of your life certainly deserves nothing less than the perfect proposal. Not a romantic at heart? Don’t worry, we got you covered with some proposal decor ideas! 

Photographs are a great way to reminisce how far your relationship has come, and how much further it has the potential to go. A trip down memory lane will certainly do no harm, and hopefully seal the deal. At Print For Fun, we provide easy and fuss free photo printing in Singapore. Here’s a few proposal decor ideas we offer that we think you will love for your proposal.


Our GIF prints are animated lenticular prints that you can craft from your favourite moments with your significant other. Their uniqueness add a sense of flair that will impress. Customizable with two sizes: small vintage and 4R with border, you can definitely find one that best complements your proposal.


Our photo cube is a creative and special way to reminisce your love story thus far. Unfold each side to reveal more photos, and with 6 square photos and 3 rectangle photos, you’ll never know what’s coming next. The element of fun it adds to any occasion which will serve you well during your proposal.


Our canvas prints are museum-quality canvases printed with archival inks, which translates to its durability and vividness of colour. Commonly associated with artworks from the likes of Monet and van Gogh, what better way is there to let your partner know that you think your relationship is a work of art than through a canvas print?


Our vintages are a classic that cannot be gone wrong with, for good reason. Preserve your treasured memories in their full glory and add a personalized touch by scribbling messages to your partner in the white borders present. It doesn’t get more romantic than this, and is enough to make anyone cry. Customizable with three sizes: small, wide, and large, finding one that meets the needs of your proposal will definitely not be a problem.


Nothing quite invokes a sense of nostalgia like collages do. Our customized poster collages are a great way to retell your love story. Highly customizable with a myriad of different orientations, dimensions, and layouts available, your love story is never more perfectly represented. Alternatively, you can take a look at the different collages we offer here:


Now that you’re equipped with your necessary proposal decor, your perfect proposal is set. Remember to take plenty of photographs immortalize the moment so you’ll have fond memories to look back on years down the road. Even better yet, print out and frame the photographs for a constant and tangible reminder of your love story.

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