Marriage: Wedding Decor For Your Perfect Ceremony

Finally got the love of your life to say yes? Well, the only thing standing between the both of you and a life of bliss, is the wedding ceremony. Excited? Anxious? Or maybe a combination of both? Regardless, let us help you though this important milestone. Here are some wedding decor ideas that we think you’ll enjoy.

Wedding Photocards For Your Reception

Wedding photocards are a great way to decorate your reception table. Beautiful and thick, our wedding photocards add an effortlessly elegant touch to your wedding that is bound to be a hit.

Photo Prints For Your Reception Table

On the other hand, these small photo prints are a great alternative if you fancy traditional photos.

Metal Prints For Your Reception Table

Fancy something more unique? Metal prints are a great way to decorate your reception table with flair. Another perk: nothing is quite as durable as our metal prints. Our metal prints are scratch-proof, water-proof, and spill-proof, which gives you one less thing to worry about during your wedding (trust us, you’ll have plenty).

Wedding Photo On Canvas Print For Display

Favored by the likes of great artists like Van Gogh and Monet, canvas photos are a great way to add an artistic flair to your wedding ceremony. To bring things up a notch, pair your canvases with easels. A fun fact, easels are available for rent and purchase at Print for Fun, which saves you the hassle of having to get both separately.

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Canvas Print On Easel

Collage Poster Prints For Display

Are you a hopeless romantic? Well, so are we. From one hopeless romantic to another, what better way to celebrate your union of love than by commemorating the milestones that led you here? Collage poster prints are a great way to celebrate your past, while you look to the future.

Wedding Photo On Wood Print For Display

Nothing quite spells rustic as well as wood prints do. If a rustic theme is what you’re going for, our wood prints will serve you just great.

Equipped with our wedding decor ideas, you’re now all set for a wedding that is nothing short of amazing. A tip: remember to take lots of pictures to commemorate it. Chances are, you’ll be glad to have these precious memories to look back on years down the road. Even better, print out your photos for timeless and tangible reminders of your love story.