5 Ways to Use Photos as Birthday Party Decorations

Birthday party

Birthday parties are fun and exciting but decorations for them can be challenging. In Print For Fun’s blog today, we will share with you 5 ways to use photos as birthday party decorations!

Helium Balloon Photo Display

Balloons, a dream for most! Especially helium ones! Incorporate memorable and meaningful photos hanging from balloons (like a chandelier) to make your party fun and easy.

Looking for small or large squares to try this out at your party, print them here.

Balloon Chandelier


DIY Accordion Photocard

A great way to decorate your table for the party and a great gesture to show appreciation for your friends who are attending the birthday party. Check out our DIY: Waterfall Card Tutorial as well if you have concerns in mind!

Accordion Photo card


Photo Banner with Fairy Lights

Have an unused fairy light at home and are unsure what to use it for? You could up your photo banner game with the use of fairy lights. Popular on Tumblr and Pinterest, it is a great and creative way to decorate your room and the party! Hang some of our classic prints or our vintage prints to spice it up.

Photo Banner fairy lights


DIY Letters or Numbers with Photo Collage

One of the most recommended birthday party decorations one can get! This is a favourite of all time. Use photos in chronological order (young to current age) and paste them onto the letters or numbers! This is a memorable way to reminisce about the past and celebrate the future.


Photo Collage letters


Display your Photos with our Photo Holders

Last but not least would be displaying prints with photo holders – it comes in various types, sizes and shapes. A cute and fun way to decorate your party! Check out our pattern wooden stand clip or trapezium wooden block photo stand for a variety.

Photo holder

And there you have it! Our 5 recommended ways for birthday party decorations using photos! Let us know your favourite way when it comes to decorating a birthday party using photos.

We hope you learnt a thing a two!