5 ways to use photos as birthday party decor

Birthday party

Birthday parties are fun and exciting but one of the stressful things about a birthday party is the decor, especially ones with photos. I’ve done a little research and here are my top 4 favourite ways to use photos as a birthday party decor.

Helium Balloon Photo Display

No one is is ever too old for balloons! Especially helium ones! Incorporating memorable and meaningful photos hanging from the balloons (like a chandelier) is a fun and easy way to decorate the party.

Looking for a small prints to try this out at your party, print them here.

Balloon Chandelier

DIY Accordion Photocard

This one is very cool! A great way to decorate your table for the party. Not only that it is a fun way to use as a party favor. You could use this as a gesture of appreciation to your friends for coming to the birthday party. And it’s very simple too! For those wondering how to do it, we previously did a DIY on it. Check them out here.

Accordion Photo card

Photo Banner with fairy lights

Have an old unused fairy lights at home and unsure what to use it for? You could up your photo banner game with the use of fairy lights. We usually see this kind of style on Tumblr or Pinterest as a great way to decorate our room. However, this is also a creative way to decorate the party.

Photo Banner fairy lights

DIY Letters or Numbers with Photo Collage

Last but not least, this is another favourite of mine. Using photos in chronological order (young to current age) and pasting onto the letters or numbers is a memorable way to reminisce the past and celebrate the future!

Photo Collage letters


And there you have it! My top 4 favourite ways to decorate a birthday party using photos! Let us know your favourite way when it comes to decorating a birthday party using photos.

‘Till next time!