Things To Do From Home: DIY Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are a great way to jazz up your home. They transform bland walls to create a focal point in your home, and ultimately brings character and personality to your living space. Sold yet? Continue reading this blog post for a guide to building your own gallery wall!

 Grow Your Collection

Build a collection of images you love, from photographs to quotes. Once you’re satisfied with your collection, get them printed out into photo prints so they’ll be ready for your gallery wall.

Decide on a Theme

From your collection of photo prints, classify them in accordance to their themes (e.g. travel, colour) and pick your favorite of the lot. Whether you wish to select them on the basis of their significance or aesthetics, the ball is in your court.

Decide on a Layout

Measure the dimensions of the wall allocated as your gallery wall, and take note of them as you decide on the arrangement of your frames. Do you want a neat or an abstract arrangement? Do remember to space your frames out appropriately, as a cluttered wall can be often times counterintuitive.

Gallery Wall Layout

Hang the Frames

You’ll need a hammer, and nails or picture hooks. Alternatively if you wish to avoid the fuss, Air Frames are a good option. Air Frames are fuss-free, requiring no nails due to its lightweight nature. Mark out where the frames will be with a pencil and remember to use a spirit level ruler to make sure everything is straight. Once you’ve decided on the placements, all there is left to do is to hammer and hang the frames up, and you’re done.

Now that you’re all set up to create your own gallery wall, what’s stopping you?