Photo Prints: Decorating Nursery Rooms

When a new family member is about to join the family, one of the most exciting and possibly stressful is preparing a nursery room. Most of you would probably surf the net to get inspiration. Some of you may visit the IKEA store to get inspiration and may purchase one of two things from there – this includes some picture frames for your photo prints. With so many design out there, it’s easy to be overwhelmed or want too much for the nursery room. In today’s blog post, we will share some ideas and tips in decorating a nursery space/room for your newborn.

Sticker Wall Decal

One of the cutest things and easiest to decorate the nursery room will be to paste a sticker decal on the walls. It could be cute theme such as a animal theme. Do keep in mind that your newborn stays as a baby for a short while. So do get a simple sticker wall decal that will be easier to remove when you grow tire of it.

Frame Up Your Photos

Framing beautiful photo prints is a great way to personalise the nursery. You could use classic family photos or beautiful graphic prints such as the alphabets, etc. Choose something that will grow the space. If you wish to hang pieces above or near the cot, we advice to make sure it is securely positioned in place so that it will not drop. Otherwise, place it further away from the cot or on top of a table.

Light Up The Room

If there is an empty wall in the nursery room, add some fairy lights to brighten up the room. Not too bright but a similar brightness to a night light. A comforting glow will lull your newborn back to sleep after their night time feeds. If you do get fairy lights, do hang it further away from the cot.

Comfortable furniture

Do add comfortable chairs or sofa in the nursery room as there will be times when you would have to tend to the newborn in early hours of morning.

Wrapping Up

These are some ideas and tips you could try to decorating a simple nursery rooms in your home. Hope all these ideas would give you some inspiration in decorating the nursery/space. If you have any questions, feel free to email us at [email protected] or check us out on our website.