Wall Photo Frames: Hanging Photo Frames The Right Way

With the Lunar New Year only a month away, it’s time to start prepping your home to receive guests. Traditional decor pieces can make your modern space feel dated, so why not think outside the box by hanging photo frames of none other than your precious family?

But finding ways to incorporate wall photo frames into an interior design can sometimes prove challenging. In today’s PFF blog, we will be taking a look at some of the best options for displaying family memories. From the frame arrangement to the frame types, there is endless opportunity to exhibit the truly priceless family photos in your collection!

Create a gallery wall using Airframes

Gallery wall arrangements are easy solutions for blank walls and because Airframes are not affixed to the walls, you have the flexibility to change up these pieces in and out as you wish. Think about the feeling you want to create in the room and how you want to display that feeling. Grids result in a clean, crisp, formal arrangement, and work nicely in a dining room to replace one larger piece. If a more relaxed, personal style is interesting to you, consider an eclectic-style arrangement.

Whether you stack two or create a gallery wall out of a group of prints, our stickable Airframes give you the creative freedom to decorate your walls in any way you like. Show off your favourite photos of your best memories — family travel photos, family portraits and candid snapshots are perfect candidates for hanging photo frames on your walls.

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Simple Grid with our Square Frames

If you are looking for square wall photo frames that will fit together in a true grid form, check out our collection of Square Frames, Mini Square Frames and Instagram Tiles (small and large). Go with a grid pattern for an instantly attractive, no-fuss display. The neat, orderly, symmetrical presentation will create a satisfying focal point for all to admire when hanging photo frames the way you desire.

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For a simple way to make your photo collection look more cohesive, stick to a fun photo theme. Display photos all taken in a certain city, state or even area of your house. Wouldn’t a family photo gallery wall of pictures taken only in the kitchen over the years be so delicious?

Display a Framed Framed Canvas Collage

Want something a little more interesting? You can get creative with your Framed Canvas prints by creating a gallery-inspired wall collage to add some special character on your wall. Layout some of your favourite photos such as your newborn baby, child’s graduation photos or family portraits in different sizes on the wall to give an abstract yet wholesome feel. This is a simple way to highlight not only your family photo but also the individuals.


You can also consider hanging photo frames of the travel destinations that you and your family have been to. Such a fun way to remember all of the incredible places you’ve been as a family and all of the memories you’ve made!

Eclectic Layouts with our Blossom frame collection

If the idea of a straightforward grid setup doesn’t appeal to you, think outside the box—literally. Our blossom collection (small and large) include frames of different A sizes so you can play around with irregular layouts to lend your gallery wall added personality. You could, for example, place your wall photo frames in a vertical stack, loose arch, or right angle. There’s no wrong way to go about it!

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Through your eclectic wall display, you might want to tell your family’s story. For example, when you and your partner first met, when you got married and eventually when you had kids. People often tell these stories on their living room walls. Look for photos from your family vacations or the milestones you achieved together. These photos can often remind you that life is so much more enjoyable when you’re surrounded by those who love you.

Wrapping Up

Those empty walls are filled with endless possibilities and here at Print For Fun, we’ve got the wall photo frames you need to customize your space and bring out your unique personality and taste. Along with the newest addition of Air Frames, discover our assortment of framed wall art to express your own personal style. Check out our comprehensive Ultimate Guide to Wall Photo Frames blog for more today!