New Launches: Decorate your Walls with Framed Prints

Over the past few months, we realize that many of our customers have been enquiring about larger print sizes, A sizes posters and Framed Wall Art Prints. Well, I am glad to announce that we are now able to meet all these needs!

Simple & convenient

At Print For Fun, we aim to keep things simple and convenient for you. Our recent launches of A sizes prints which include A Sizes Instagram Posters and A Sizes Posters all come with a frame. There is a small hook at the back of all of our frames, so all you have to do is put it up on your wall. 5 minutes is all that you need!

LOW EFFORT, HIGH RETURN – wall art prints

Looking for something fuss-free to decorate your empty walls?

For those who do not have your own prints or photos, we have recently launched our in-house designed Framed Wall Art Prints. We have a variety of prints – Quotes, Line Art, City Maps and we even have some that are suitable for your baby room. We have something for everyone!

These Framed Wall Art Prints come in 4 different sizes, A4 to A1. Yes, all prints come with a frame. With just a simple gesture, you are able to bring out a minimalist touch to your home decor.


These Framed Wall Art Prints are also suitable for decors for cafes or even for retail stores. As these prints are too loud and neutral in colour, it is easy to match with almost any wall colour. Not too forget that it is affordable too!

Previously, we have posted a blog post:  City Maps Wall Art Prints – How to Display Them? If you need some ideas on how to incorporate these Art Prints into your home decor, this blog might be helpful!


If you are someone who is a little more sentimental and would like to flaunt all these wonderful memories on your wall, let’s do it! Piece together your wall of memories with different sizes of frames.

For some of us with limited wall space, I have a perfect solution for you. Our Instagram Poster allows you to showcase multiple moments captured in just one frame.

Check it out!

Our previous Instagram Posters did not come with frames, so you would have to add in your own frames before check out. Good news for you, we have made things even simpler for you! Our A sizes Instagram Posters come together as a set with the frame. I would say this would be a more economical option as an A1 Insta Poster w/ Frame with 96 photos is $104. On the other hand, a 61cm x 90cm Insta Posters (96 Photos) with an added on the frame would be $119.

You can now save $15!

However, if you have your own frame that you wish to use instead and only need the print, you would have to opt for our 61cm x 90cm Insta Posters as our A Sizes Insta Posters comes strictly as a set with the frame.


If you are not exactly into plastering your walls with just photos of you, but also not exactly that artsy to only put up Art Prints. You can always mix these two type of prints – create something of your own.

We have recently done up a Collage Wall in the storefront of our office. Maybe this will give you some idea on how you can create your own personalised collage wall as well.

You can check out our previous blogpost on Gallery Wall | A Creative Way to Display Your Best Moments to gather more ideas on how you can put together your very own gallery wall at home.

If you are looking for something beyond 60cm x 90cm, we are to meet those needs now!

Hope that you are as excited about these new prints and options as we are. We will be back for more. Cheers!