City Maps Wall Art Prints – How to display them?

Thinking of redecorating your house for the new decade? Today we will share with you 3 different ways of how you can achieve that minimalist look with our upcoming new launch of our Framed Wall Art Prints – City Maps.

In recent years, many interior designers go for a minimalist design. Less clutter, more clean lines, light and simple colours.

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At Print For Fun, we offer ready-to-hang Framed Wall Art Prints for your convenience. Our Framed Wall Art Prints comes in different sizes – A1 to A4.  We are adding new prints to this collection of products this month! In this upcoming launch, we will be launching our in-house designed art prints such as Maps including cities like Tokyo, Shanghai, Singapore etc.

For those of you who are going for a more modern and contemporary home decor, we have something for you too! Check out our upcoming Line Art collection.

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It is more than a decorative piece, use it to tell your story – Where did you go for your honeymoon? Which city would you love to visit soon?

These prints also adds an extra touch of minimalist style and design to your home decor. Less is more. Sometimes all you need is a few simple print and it makes a huge difference to the aesthetics of your house.

art print + travel Photos = gallery wall 2.0

Create a fusion gallery wall. Instead of just piecing together a gallery wall with family photos, you can add in some art prints too. You can find out more from our previous blog post on how you can create your own gallery wall at home.

Piece together travel photos and city maps on your wall to create your own gallery wall at home. This would be perfect for some of you who wish to remember these trips but find it difficult to incorporate their photos into the design of their house.

effortless home decor with wall art prints

For those of you who wish to go for larger prints such as A1 size, we have suggestions! You don’t always have to hang it up on your wall. Why not leave it on the floor and have it leaned against the wall? Now you don’t have to worry about whether you have enough wall space or having to hammer a nail into your wall!



Perhaps some of you might not be too keen to leave your Framed Wall Art Prints on the floor maybe because you have children running around the house. Not to worry! You still have an alternative to hanging your frames.

Decorate your wall shelf where you place your keys or the top of your shoe cabinet with an art print. This small touch creates a modern yet cosy look which could really elevate your home aesthetics.

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These are just some of our ideas on how you can display these Framed Wall Art Prints – City Maps but there is really no limit to how you can display these maps. Feel free to share with us how you display your prints!

That is all we have for you today, cheers!