Back to nature with our wood print

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What makes our wood print different from other wood print, is not just the price, but also the quality. At Print For Fun, we want to ensure the best for our customers. Curious to know more about our wood print? Here is some few info on our wood print.

#1 As thick as 6mm

As thick as 6mm

Our wood is designed to last for a long time. Our Birch Plywood is characterised by its excellent strength and stiffness properties with a core free of a void.

#2 Wood Shade Consistency

Colour Consistency

Our wood pieces are carefully selected to ensure that the shade of wood is consistent.

#3 Wood Grain

Wood Grain

Every wood print is one of a kind with its natural grain characteristics. This stands out and compliments the images we print.

#4 Natural Wood Colour


We do not print white ink on our wood prints. This allows the natural colour and wood grain to be seen clearly. So the lighter your pictures are, the more you can see the natural wood colour and wood grain.

#5 Display options

Wooden StandWooden Mounting Block

Now you can display your prints anywhere – be it on the wall or desk. Display them with our wood stand or wood mounting block or aluminium mount.

Unsure on what to print on our wood print? Check our previous blog post on what you could print on our wood print (here).

And that’s it peeps! Hope you find this blog post informative! You can check out our wood print here.

Ta-ta for now!