Photos Immortalised – Metal Prints

Printing photos is a good way to preserve your memories, for sure.
But even the best books yellow over time, so do our photos… and they may also be subjected to the elements – water, heat, dirt… even light!

Is there any way we can have our printed photos last forever (or at least long enough for us to keep for our whole lives?)

Is there????

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The closest answer is… Metal prints!

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So what exactly are metal prints?

The name itself is pretty self-explanatory – basically it is a photo printed on metal. It is usually some form of specially coated aluminum sheets, and you can choose from different kinds of finish – usually there will be four to five options.

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What’s so special about metal prints?

According to, metal print is one of the best print materials for photographic masterpieces. Through dye sublimation, images are infused onto aluminium, which creates the longest lasting photo medium in the world. Metal print is gaining popularity as the print medium of choice for professional photographers, and many photography exhibitors are now presenting their work on metal prints in art galleries.

Because of the nature of the material, the photo shows up brighter and the colours are more vibrant. They also have a certain lustre to them and the colours just seem to “pop”!

As compared to paper, they are also stronger, scratch-proof, water-proof. This means your print stays vibrant for a long time, much much longer than paper prints!

So… in the realm of photo prints, metal prints are basically immortal???

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What do they look like?

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As we mentioned before, the photo is printed directly onto aluminium which produces stunning visuals.

  • shiny
  • smooth
  • flat
  • premium feel

Metal prints gives the highest-quality premium presentation for your favorite images. They are really quite a feast for the eyes! Not sure if it is the unique feel or look for it, but the images look really ultra HD (high-definition)!

Source: Social Print Studio

What can we do with the metal prints?

Basically, anything you would do with pictures! (except put them into albums and frames…)

Put them up on the wall – they come ready to hang!

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Source: @large.metal.prints on Instagram

I personally think they look best when mounted on the wall in mosaic form, or as a collection, it somehow makes the photo look extra breath-taking!


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Printing art pieces work as well, and can look really neat!

Chromaluxe metal prints for fine art and wall art.Source: Pinterest

We really love how panoramic prints look on metal too!

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Just look at the depth of the visuals!!! (terms may be used wrongly but basically, it looks super gooooood)

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Metal prints are an excellent choice for photographers to showcase their work, but also great for those who love landscape photography. We think the detail and the overall look of the metal prints are unparalleled!

Don’t take photos and don’t have any to print? Fret not, you can find affordable art online easily and pepper your wall with artwork by other creatives!

Love how they look?

We have just launched our very own series of metal prints! Now available here!

Happy printing! 🙂