5 Tips for Printing Polaroid Prints Online

Polaroid prints hung up on the wall – a genuine and honest way of how business owners starting up want to display and honour their most loyal and happy customers. Not taking up too much space, a polaroid print speaks volumes. It functions as a keepsake and a momento, of a time gone by, yet held so closely to our hearts. Polaroid printing used to be confined to those who have a polaroid camera, but now, we are able to print photo as polaroid. At Print For Fun, we do online photo printing and we take our trade seriously. We are printers with a passion to make sure you are happy with the moments you are trying to re-create or share with others. A variety of polaroid style prints are available on our website, and we’re here to guide you on getting the best polaroid prints.

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Polaroid Photos

The instant production of original polaroid photos can involve a chemical process inside the camera itself. These photos may need to be shielded from the sun momentarily to process the best photos. However, the polaroid style prints (Vintage prints) at Print For Fun are made of semi gloss photo paper and do not share the same qualities as the original polaroid photo. You can enjoy choosing your photos to be printed in polaroid layouts.

Here are five great tips to help you with getting the perfect polaroid print for keepsakes or hung on your wall for display:

1. Take a great shot.

Like they always say, taking a great shot is more than half the battle won. Even if you didn’t seal the perfect moment, with Print For Fun’s photo cropping tool, you can always crop the photo to make sure you get a great polaroid print out for keeps.

2. Choose Wide Vintage (wide polaroid prints) for printing if picture was taken in landscape orientation.

If you’re thinking of the best way to print photo as polaroid, here’s a tip for you: Our small vintage (similar to polaroids / instax) photos look best when taken in portrait orientation. If your shot was taken in landscape orientation, fret not! You can print using Print For Fun’s wide vintage prints. If your photo is a square, you can go for our large vintage option! We got it all covered for you!

3. I need help brightening my picture!

Had the experience of taking a shot in a slightly dimmer setting and wanted to print photos as polaroids to remember the moment, but the picture was just too dark? When you send your photos to Print For Fun, the good folks have a system in place to check every photo to ensure that the photo has adequate lighting and the print out justifies that amazing moment you wanted to capture. We can't however, infinitely brighten absolutely dark photos.

4. Printing multiple polaroid prints copies for friends. Nightmare? Not anymore!

Each polaroid shot is unique, which goes to say you will never get to recreate the same shot again, even if you tried. Imagine doing that for a group shot with 10 friends! At Print For Fun, if you want to print polaroid photos with us online, it will ensure you get that same great group shot for 10, looking exactly the same (for 10), so no one will complain they look less flattering in one as compared to the other. This is your go to place for polaroid size photo prints!

5. Personalize your polaroid print with a caption

Are these photos a gift for a friend? You can personalize your polaroid prints online with captions, with the date of the event or a even short message. These are bound to serve as thoughtful and heartfelt gifts to friends. Be sure to use markers instead of pens to doodle on the photo paper, or it'll smudge!

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If you’re looking for more creative ways to use your polaroid style photo prints, head on to our blog for some inspiration! You can incorporate them in your wall décor, customise your own photo sleeves, or DIY crafty cards.

You can get your very own polaroid style prints at Print For Fun today!