Having print copies of your favourite memories can bring them closer to you. Here at Print For Fun, there are so many sizes and formats you can choose to print your photos in, you’ll never get bored of personalizing the way you keep the best of your captured moments!

Scrapbook Ideas

DIY scrapbooks are a fun way to put your memories together. Change things up and get creative with your scrapbooking skills by printing your photos on our various print sizes - from the classics, to the vintages, the biggies and smallies, and the squares.

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Photo Collage

Your best moments usually come in a series, hardly in single frames. Collages are a perfect way to string those moments together! Our Mini Square Frames, Square Frames, and Posters can contain your favourite memories together. Hang them on your wall to relive those memories of your growing child, or record your flourishing friendship and gift them to your best friend.

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Personalize Your Calendar

Make your space your own by decorating it with small prints pinned to your noticeboard or even a personalized calendar to remind you of your best moments all year round! You can even mark out your own special dates on them.

Want more ideas? You can check out some suggestions on our blog post here.

Photo Magnets

Looking for a fun way to make your fridge look a little more colourful? Get creative with our photo magnets!

Birthday Surprises with Small Prints

Need some birthday surprise ideas? How about surprising your loved one by hanging precious photos from the ceiling, or from helium balloons? Print For Fun is ready to provide you with all kinds of photo prints for the perfect DIY surprise!

Gift a Special Photo Cube

The photo cube is a uniquely perfect gift to share your special memories with a loved one. It comes with gift box too!

Party Essentials

Using photos as birthday party decoration can make it a lot more meaningful. If you’re running out of ideas on how to incorporate prints of your best memories for your friend’s birthday, check out our blog post on 5 ways to use photos as Birthday Party Decor!