FAQ | Print For Fun Online Photo Prints

Simpy upload your photo through our website and we will do the printing. We will deliver straight to you or you can collect it from our office in Ubi.

Print For Fun delivers internationally! 

You can upload any photos from your computer, the cloud or your phone (if you are ordering from your mobile phone). We accept JPEG and PNG files only.

It depends on the delivery option selected at checkout. Do note that the "working days" indicated does not include the day of the order itself.

Please refer to our Shipping FAQ page for more information.

Definitely photo-lab quality. Our photos printed range from on 230gsm to 320gsm thick photo paper. We also use industrial-grade printers to get all your photos printed, and canvases are printed and stretched in-house for quality assurance.

The image files that we receive do play a big part too! If you have a great looking photo that is high in resolution, the prints will turn out great too! However, if the photo is taken under bad lighting, or has low resolution, photos may turn out less than satisfactory.

At Print For Fun, we will at times help to do some minor editing where possible. However, we hope that you can give us your best quality image so that you will not be disappointed.

Any photos from your phone photo library, your digital camera, computer or the cloud. You can edit your photos, add filters, add effects, add icons and emojis to your pictures with third-party apps, then you can upload to our website and send them for printing. We also have a built-in editor which will allow you to adjust brightness/contrast, and add filters.

We also recommend using photos without borders, as photo printers typically print photos by cutting 2-3mm into the image (known as bleed), which may result in uneven borders.

Do note that photos which are deemed as violent or pornographic will not be printed.

We support copyright and intellectual properties, so please print only images belonging to you or that you have the rights to reproduce in print form. We are not liable for any infringement of these copyrights nor do we claim ownership to the content you sent to us for printing.

It is highly subject and difficult to tell if a print will appear good on print. However, our online system will prompt you if it detects a lower than ideal image resolution, which may result in pixelated or "blurry" prints.

Upon selecting the print product for the image you have uploaded, our website will prompt you with an ORANGE "!" or RED "!".

No prompt > photos will look fine up-close or at a "typical" viewing distance.

ORANGE "!" > photos may look pixelated up-close, will look fine from a distance of >1m

RED "!" > photos will definitely look pixelated up-close, will look fine from a distance of >2m

You can mouse over the "!" to find out the how many percent(%) off you are from an ideal image resolution for the print product you have selected.

If you want to retain the full image to avoid chopping off body parts or a person from the photo, you can select the "FIT" option. Do note that the size of the print will be still be the same, but with your image contained within it. For example, if you have a square image but ordering rectangular photo product, do expect there to be white bars to fill up the rest of the rectangle. 

For products such as Insta Poster and other collages with square images, clicking "FIT" will prevent any cropping, but will make the collage look a little weird as it will have various shapes instead of all squares.

To avoid any cropping for any products, do ensure that the image uploaded matches the ratio of the product selected. For example, upload a 5:7 ratio image for a 50x70cm print. 

For all borderless prints, note that the printing process will require a "bleed". This expands your image slightly to allow for cutting to ensure that you get a perfectly borderless image. As a result, about 1-2mm of the edges of your image will be "cut-off", but it shouldn't make much difference. To prevent any issues, do avoid having any important detail at the edge of the photo.

This is a tough one. Printing photos to match exactly the colour you see on your screen requires end-to-end colour management, usually requiring a professional set-up on both ends, from customer to printer.

To manage your side of things, a good first step is to ensure that the screen you are viewing on is set to standard settings, ie normal brightness, no vibrant, blue-light filter or anything that might change how you are viewing your images. This is not full proof but will be better than nothing. If you want to have a more professional set-up, using a high gamut monitor which is calibrated will ensure consistency.

If you are not super particular about matching colours 100%, you may not need to follow the steps above.

If you are very particuluar about matching colours 100%, look for our Fine Art Prints. We provide a unique ICC profile for each paper type that corresponds to the printer we use. You can load the profile on photo editing softwares to soft-proof your image before uploading them. Do ensure that you are working on a good monitor that has been recently calibrated to ensure consistency.

Common mistakes made by customers include ordering duplicates, submitting low resolution files, accidental cropping, rotated images, spelling, design errors and wrong address.

We go through thousands of photos daily and unfortunately cannot pick all of these out while processing the orders. When we do however, we will contact you to check on it. Otherwise, you will need to put in a separate order as replacement.

Yes, we will definitely try our best! Send in your request and we’ll see what we can do!

We accept any Debit/Credit card on Mastercard, Visa and Amex. You can also pay via Paynow QR if you do not have a card. If you have any Store Credits on account, it will be used automatically.

For any defects and damage, please email us ([email protected]) within 7 days of the purchase for a reprint or exchange, along with the order number and photos of the defect. If a replacement is not suitable or possible, we will refund the purchase amount to you in credits instead.

For other enquiries regarding your order, contact us by sending an email with your order number in the subject header to [email protected] You can also reach us at 6547 1733 for urgent enquiries.

Orders made are not refundable once processed.

Orders which are made but not yet processed can only be refunded as stored credits.

Email us at [email protected] We will do our best to get back to you within 24 hours on a working day!