Photo Prints: DIY Accordion Book

With Mother’s Day around the corner, everyone will be busy trying to find the perfect gift for the superwoman in our lives. A personalise handmade craft with memorable photo prints and sweet notes or letter might be just the gift that your mum will treasure for years to come. Just like the previous Accordion Card Tutorial, this too will be simple and easy DIY project.

The items used are:

  • Smallies
  • Decorative paper (Optional)
  • Cardboard (Optional)
  • Colouring Paper
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Glue Tape

The steps are similar to the previous Accordion Card Tutorial with a few tweaks to accommodate to the size of prints used.


First step would be creating the structure. Cut the colouring paper/vanguard sheet to a height of 4.5 inch. The length of the strip will depend on the how many photos you wish to use.

Measure at least half a inch more than the size of the photo and draw lines after every measurement. Afterwards, fold along the lines.

Decoration with Photo Prints

Paste the photos using the glue tape and decorate the accordion book. We added the cardboard at the top and bottom of the strip. The decorative paper is used to decorate the cardboard. However, you can decorate the accordion book however you want!

Wrapping Up

And that’s it! A simple and sweet handmade book to show your love and appreciated this Mother’s Day. Let us know in the comments your thoughts and the designs you created with this tutorial. Happy Crafting!

If you wish to purchase more prints for crafting a handmade card, you can print them more through our website.

‘Till next time!