DIY: Accordion Card tutorial

We are back with another DIY card tutorial! Just like the waterfall card we posted earlier, this too will be a simple DIY project. Always wanted to print out those instagram photos? You can put them to good use with this accordion card. They make great gifts!

Here are some of the steps you can take note in creating your own accordion card:

What you will need:

Box (optional) – 4″x 4″

Photo prints – Small Squares (3″x 3″) / Stickers (2″x 2″)

Vanguard sheet

Cut out a strip of 3.5″ in height. If you are using an A4 construction paper, you can cut 2 strips and glue them together to get the length that you want.
Processed with VSCO
The length of the strip varies depending on the number of photos you want to put. Measure at least half a inch more than the size of the photo and draw lines after every measurement.
Processed with VSCO
Fold the lines.
Processed with VSCO
Paste the prints on each of the squares. If you are using a box, make sure to leave the last square blank so you can glue it to the bottom of the box.
Processed with VSCO
You can add a ribbon tab / paperclip to the first accordion square.Decorate them however you want it!

There you go! Another DIY project you can create for your loved ones!

You can start by printing your small squares / stickers or if you want to view all of our products, you can head over to our website here.