Perfect Gift Ideas For Your Friends’ Birthdays

Birthdays, birthdays, and birthdays, possibly the best event in the entire year! As a best friend, you’ve got to make sure it’s memorable. What would you get for your friend’s birthday? In today’s blog, let’s spice it up with something different as Print For Fun brings to you the perfect friend gift ideas this 2022: Photo prints!

Under $10

GIF Prints

Sometimes, it’s fun to create animation effects on photo prints!

Gif Prints

Under $20

Photo strips

Get creative with photo strips as they bring out your multiple goofy faces. Sometimes, they act as a bookmark as well. Or another great addition to their photo wall!


Scrapbook your way through their birthday as you opt for our classics! Whether it’s with or without borders, create a photo collage to print your best memories. We offer high-quality 4R prints that are the highly-recommended ones for scrapbooking!

Vintage Prints

An alternative to our classics, our vintage prints are perfect for scrapbooking as well! Pick from small, large and wide vintage as a gift idea today. Or get all 3 at once!

Under $30

Square Frames

Square frames are such a classic but often forgotten. Collage your photos together in either 4, 9 or 16 photo squares and make it even better when you include funny and memorable pictures of each other. Our mini square frames and large square frames are the way to go.


Make your own Insta Poster collage with your own story by collaging 20-96 photo squares all at once. The more, the merrier! IKEA sizes? A-sizes? We’ve got it all. Make it a themed Insta Poster! Compile all the pictures you’d usually take and make it a blast.

Insta Posters

Under $60

Photo cube

Our most popular item on the list: A personalised photo cube! The best creative and special gift that’s perfect for any occasion. Give it as a gift and really spice up the day.

Photo Cube