Preserving Your Little Ones’ Precious Moments

Last week, we shared with you the significance of preserving your little one’s moments, in hopes that one day, when they’re much older, you can relive the memories from when they were young. Give that a read if you’ve yet to – Preserving Moments, Reliving Memories.

Today, we’ll be sharing with you ideas on how you can preserve those moments. 


More parents today are opting for newborn photography services. You could head to a studio that specialises in it or even photograph them yourselves. Typically they are done when the newborn is under 2 weeks old. Explore the different ways you can pose your babies, ask around or search for different ideas.

You will definitely treasure these photos that capture moments of your babies when they are still new to the world. The shoot itself will create priceless memories that you can look back on years from now.


Another great way to preserve the moments is to invest in a Baby First Year Collage. You can use this print to keep track of your babies’ growth and development throughout their first twelve months. Bonus point – they make great displays! 

Our Baby Photo Collage  consists of 13 photos and is printed on high quality semi-gloss paper. Frames come in four colours – black, white, blue and light wood brown. 

Celebrating an addition to the family is something to cherish. Having their photos around the house adds the extra personal touch in your homes.


Baby Arrival Announcements are another really cool idea to keep track of your babies’ birth. It is highly customisable and comes in many designs. Typically, most birth stat pieces state information such as name, date, time & place of birth, length and weight. They are great for displaying and can be customised according to the theme of the nursery. 


Wouldn’t it be great to have magnets of your babies stuck on your fridge? Print yours now! We offer two types of photo magnets – Thick Magnets and Magnet Sheets. You can use them to create an impermanent collage of your babies. They’re hassle free and you can switch it us as and when you feel like! Find out more about our fridge magnets.

Those are just 4 ideas for preserving your precious angel’s moments. As parents you should try to document their first moments – first meal, first crawl, first word, first steps etc. Take as many photos as you can and get the best ones printed out! “Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory”. So preserve those moments and years down the road, relive those memories with your children. 

Till the next time, cheers!