Canvas Framed Prints

Create a premium quality canvas prints of your favourite photo encased in a rectangular wooden frame. Canvas framed prints combines the elegant texture of a canvas print with the sturdiness and protection of a frame. Typically used to print family portraits, studio shots and graduation pictures.

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Canvas prints are sporting a new look with our premium Framed Canvas! Printed on Sihl canvas with museum-like quality, each print features a sleek, robust frame. Choose your frame colour and size to create an art piece your walls will thank you for.   


Framed Canvas Print


Beauty Comes In All Sizes

Enjoy sizes such as 30cm x 40cm, 40cm x 50cm & 50cm x 70cm to display your art piece. 

Sizes Prices
30cm x 40cm $84
40cm x 50cm $104
50cm x 70cm $158


Sihl Canvas Print


Premium Quality

Our archival-grade, Sihl canvas is printed using premium quality ink which helps your framed canvas withstand the test of time. Your once-in-a-lifetime perfect photo can now last in glorious full color for decades to come! 

Premium Quality Framed Canvas Prints | Print For Fun 


Ideal For

These are perfect for graduation photos, wedding receptions, studio shoots, travel photos, family photos, baby photography and many more! Due to its material, canvas has no glare or reflection which makes it perfect for displaying in under any room lighting.



Premium Quality Framed Canvas Prints | Print For Fun

Framed vs Unframed

If you're into the sleek and modern look, our Canvas Prints would be the choice for you. Frameless borders for artworks can fit any interior style.

For a traditional feel or "completed" look, our Framed Canvas Prints are just what you need. They enhance the visual appearance of the artwork while providing a luxe finish.

Premium Quality Framed Canvas Prints | Print For Fun

Care Tips

Clean the canvas by gently wiping it with a dry cloth, or feather duster. Ensure that your canvas print is displayed indoors, away from places of sunlight or high humidity.

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