Photo Printing – DIY Scrapbook

We heard you! You guys have been requesting for another photo printing DIY post for months now. And as we are all in the season of giving, we’re here to give you what you’ve asked for! So get ready to DIY your own Scrapbook!

The Book

Let’s start off with the book. There are a couple of factors you should consider when choosing the book. Mainly the size, shape, colour & content. Now this heavily depends on your personal preference. 

For this post, we’ve gone for a plain, black, A5-sized book. However, you might prefer a red, A4-sized book with lines. If don’t have something specific in mind, head down to your nearest bookstore. There will be an assortment for you to choose from!

Stationeries/ Accessories

Choices are endless when it comes to decorating your scrapbook. Just the writing instruments will leave you spoilt for choice. You can choose from markers to coloured pens, glitter pens, crayons and the list just goes on!

However for this scrapbook, we’ve used markers, pens, stickers, patterned/ coloured papers, stamps & washi tapes. 

This is where you can take your scrapbook to a whole new level! Let all that creativity run wild!

Photo Printing

Arguably, photos are the most important part of any scrapbook. You’d want those photos to look good for your scrapbook but also tell the story of your journey. Ideally, each individual photo should also remind you of the moment when it was captured. 

Some common types of photos will include scenic shots, photos of loved ones, pets & food. They each play their own part in adding to your scrapbook’s narrative. 

Now, onto the more technical aspect of photo printing. Most people get lost when it comes to photo printing. But you don’t have to. You’ve got Print For Fun! We have loads of different products that are great for scrapbooking! Generally we would recommend the smaller-sized prints, polaroid frame prints, Small Squares, Smallies, 2Rs our Stickers!

Just having squarish & rectangular photos can be boring. So why not switch it up by cutting them out into shapes? See what we’ve done with the aeroplane? It makes quite the difference. You can even cut out plates of food, faces of your family and friends. There’s no limit to it!


For those of you who aren’t familiar with the scrapbooking game, you may be wondering what layering means. Basically it’s just pasting different coloured/ patterned papers behind your photos.

Check out how different it looks before and after layering. Layering definitely helps in spicing up your scrapbook! Just make sure the type of patterns and colours of your layers suit the chapter in your scrapbook.


As a nice way to wrap up your scrapbook, you might want to pen down a message on the last page. Maybe it’s a short paragraph on your journey thus far or a couple of words to tell your loved ones how much you love and appreciate having them in your life. 

Now this part is optional. You don’t have to write something. You can make use of that last page to complete the story your scrapbook is telling. Just remember not to leave a hanging ending!

That’s all we’ve got today for you folks! If you have any questions or suggestions for scrapbooking do let us know and we might follow up with a part 2 to this post! If you love our DIY series, check out our previous DIY posts, DIY Twist And Pop Card, DIY Slider Card & DIY Photo Book. Have a look at our comprehensive photo printing products.

Till the next time, cheers!