DIY Slider Card

DIY Slider Card

We are here with another DIY idea where you can incorporate your photo prints! In this DIY slider card, square photos fit best. I used a photostrip and cut it into the 4 separate images. You can adjust the measurements of the card to fit larger sizes like the small squares, or large squares. This card is perfect for birthdays or anniversaries!

Materials needed

What you need: 

  • 5 square cards (8 x 8cm)
  • 4 rectangle cards (6 x 8.5cm)
  • 2 Plastic bag/plastic sheets (12 x 6cm)
  • Double sided tape
  • Thicker double sided tape
  • Penknife
  • 4 photo prints (in this case, I am using a photostrip but cut into 4)


Let’s get started!

#1: Mark out a 1cm border all around the card and cut two slits in the square card

Mark borders

Cut two slits
Cut two slits from the highlighted areas

#2: Put the plastic sheet through and tape it together at the ends

Tape plastic sheet
Put the plastic sheet through the slits and tape the ends together

#3: Stick a rectangle card to the ends of each side of the plastic sheet

Stick the rectangle cards on each side

#4: Paste the square cards on both sides to cover the plastic sheet

Paste the square card to conceal the plastic sheet

#5: Repeat steps 1 to 3 for the next slider

#6: Same as step #4, paste the last square card over to conceal the plastic sheet

#7: Paste your photo on each slider

How the slider works
Paste your photos on each sliding panel. Make sure the photos are facing the same front.


Card gif Card gif Card gif

And there you have it, your very own slider card! Impress your loved ones with something creative and thoughtful. Check out our other DIY ideas as well.

‘Till next time, guys!