DIY Twist and Pop Card

DIY Twist and Pop Card

Thinking of new ways to make your own greeting cards? I received this one as a ‘Welcome Back’ card from a crafty friend when I had returned from studying abroad for a semester. This twist and pop card is a one up from the normal pop-up, and you can include 4 of your own photo prints too! For this DIY tutorial, the small vintages would be a good fit for the card. Let’s get crafty!

DIY Materials

What you need:

  1. 3 cards cut into these sizes:
    A: 20cm by 9cm
    B: 26cm by 9cm
    C: 30cm by 10cm
  2. Score tool (anything with a round edge to create a dent in the paper – this time I used a pen)
  3. Pencil to mark out measurements
  4. Ruler
  5. Double sided tape / Glue / Glue tape
  6. 4 photo prints with a maximum dimension of 6.5cm X 9cm – Our small vintages are 5.7cm X 8.9cm!

#1: Card A

Fold the card into 2 breadth wise. Mark 5.5cm on both sides of either side.

Score an “X” out of all 4 markings.

Card A - score and fold

Fold inwards to create a house-like shape.

Fold inwards

House-like shape

#2: Card B

Divide the card into 4 equal parts lengthwise. Each part will be 6.5cm.

Fold to separate the 4 parts.

Paste a photo print on each divided part. You can even write a note on each photo print. The small vintage prints are perfect for writing your specific memories on your photos. You can find out more and purchase them here.

Small Vintages


#3: Card C

Fold it in half length wise. You can decorate the interior however you want.


#4: Now let’s assemble them together!

All 3 cards

Position the tip of A on the interior of C at the center mark. Glue A onto C on the triangular parts.Paste B to C


Glue B to A – the upper half on extreme right, and lower half on extreme left. This will give the ‘twist’ when you open the card.

Paste B to A

Paste B to A

There you go! A twist and pop card for your photo prints!

Twist and Pop card

Now that’s another type of unique card to make for any occasion! Let us know if you like this one. ‘Till next time!