Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

Hello everyone. Welcome back to the PFF blog. With Father’s Day around the corner and with dining outside still unavailable, PFF has come up with some gift ideas that you could use to celebrate Father’s Day this year.

Framed Prints

You can consider framing up your picture of you and your father or even giving him a family portrait. This not only serves as a great gift for Father’s Day, but it also reminds him that he is an integral part of the family. He can also use framed prints to decorate his home.

For more information on decorating your walls with framed prints, you can visit our previous blog post. To order our framed prints, click here. 

Square Frames

Besides the framed prints we also have square frames which are smaller in size and can feature more than 1 picture. You can insert in your favourite pictures with your father and frame it up for him so that he can decorate his walls with the square frame. Our square frames come in various layouts ranging from 2×2 to 3×3 and 4×4. You can select the ideal layout that suits your needs for a gift.

Do check out our square frames if you haven’t done so.

Jumbo Photostrips with wooden hanger

Another great alternative is our jumbo photstrips. If there is not much wall space in your parent’s place, you can consider the jumbo photostrip. This works best with a wooden hanger and you can simply hang it from your wall. The jumbo photostrip displays photos in a vertical format, which will fall nicely against your wall instead of horizontal which may take too much space.

Take a further look into our jumbo photostrips if you haven’t done so.


You can also make a scrapbook just for your dad and insert images of your favourite moments with him. Our smaller prints work best with scrapbooks. Such prints include Small Squares, Smallies, 2R’s, Small Vintages and our stickers. By handmaking a scrapbook, your father will feel extremely touched and will also be reminded of all the good memories that you shared be it travelling together, celebrating different milestones together etc.

Image source: Ria De Lara

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Designing your own gift card

Another unique gift that you can consider this Father’s Day is designing your own gift card for him. We have come up with some templates for Father’s Day that you can choose from. You can customize these templates by adding in a special message for your father and also select an image that best represents you and him.

For gift cards, we recommend ordering size highly recommend either the 3R or 4R as the size 2 x 3.5 inch or 6 x 4 inch will be perfect in terms of sizing. You can customize your photos using the template we designed for you and upload them to order.

Image Source: Canva

We have also created other gift card designs on Canva for various purposes. Do check them out.

Last but not least, we should elaborate more about our shipping options. During phase one, walk-ins and self-collection still remain unavailable until further notice. For the prints to reach you on time do refer to our shipping details. Do order early so that your prints are able to reach you before Father’s Day.

That sums up all there is for today’s blog post. We hope that you have gained a better understanding of gift ideas you can gift your father for this Father’s Day. Til next time. Cheers!