What is the difference between the new and current website?

You can look forward to new features on our new website! From new templates to custom sizing, do stay tuned to our email updates.

When will the new website be up?

Our new website will be up on Monday, 21/2/22, after 3 pm! Do keep a lookout for further emails on more information.

How long will the maintenance be on Monday 21/2/22?

The website will be under maintenance from Monday 21/2/22 8am to 3pm.

What will happen to my credits?

Your credits will be saved, and you will still be able to use them for your next purchase.

What will happen to my account information?

Your account information will be saved.

What happens if I don’t intend to reset my password?

You would still be able to make purchases and check out as a guest. However, your account information will not be saved.

Will my order placed on 21/2/22 still be processed?

Yes, it will be.