Photo Printing Gift Ideas For Valentine’s: For Him

Tired of sending run-of-the-mill gifts you’ve always gotten him on Valentine’s Day? If you are opting for something personal with a sheer touch of creativity; know that you’ve come to the right place! This Valentine’s day, forget about flowers or chocolates. Create photo printing gifts that truly speak your heart!

Create a masterpiece out of your own photos to make unique gifts, customised specially for your beloved one. At Print For Fun, we provide easy and fuss free photo printing in Singapore. Here’s a list of photo printing gift ideas that we think your partner would LOVE to receive for Valentine’s Day!


This is a wonderful and creative gift for your husband or boyfriend. While it may seem complicated, it is a stunning gift that will wow the socks of your partner! And if you’re worried about how to get started, give previous blog post DIY Explosion Box a read! It has a step-by-step guide that can guide you. Plus, it is an inexpensive photo printing gift that is definitely worth your time and effort!

Put our Small and Large Squares to good use by filling up this awesome Explosion Box with pictures of your favourite moments together.


Featuring: Small Vintages

Here’s another unique photo printing gift for you to DIY. It is much easier than explosion box DIY and it is fun DIY. Furthermore, our previous blog post DIY Waterfall Card breaks the steps down, which makes it easier for you to craft!


A gift that can double as a unforgettable gift and beautiful home decor piece? Why not? Transform your favorite photos into beautiful works of artistic-looking canvases! Guaranteed, your husband or boyfriend will be delighted to receive such a stunning wall decor piece that reminds them of you. Your memories should be shared and displayed, and it’s even better if you can spruce up your home with those memories.

Best premium canvas photo gifts
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Photo Magnets are the fun, easy way to cherish those little moments from your daily lives. Choose something silly or heartwarming to put on those magnets, and granted, your partner will smile every time they see those magnets.

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And finally, for whatever gift you choose to give your partner, it wouldn’t be complete with a Greeting Card! Make it special by personalising it with your favorite photo, and a sweet message to let them know how much you love them.

Best Valentine greeting cards


Some of the most cherished gifts are the ones we make ourselves. This Valentine’s Day, give your loved ones the gift of memories! With our gift ideas, you can create the perfect gift that they’ll love for years to come!

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