Creating Your Own Photo Collage on Canvas

Good day our fellow readers! Today we are back to share some tips on creating your very own photo collage on canvas. Read on to be inspired.

Flaunt Your Family Photos

Had a family photo shoot in the studio? Why hide these photos in an album and waste these professionally shot photos? How about displaying them as photo collages on canvas in your living room?

Most of us have a good amount of wall space to play with behind our sofa. How about filling up this bare wall with lovely memories that was captured? By mixing and matching different sizes, you can create your own photo collage on canvas This really helps to brighten up your living room and creates a more cosy setting at home.

Family photo shoots are perfect for photo collages on canvas as the photos have an  relatively consistent  colour theme. Display single prints next to/ on top of each other, leaving small gaps in between.



Not sure which photo should take the limelight in the centre? We would recommend printing photos of the entire family on a larger Canvas Print – 40CM x 60CM onwards, while the smaller Canvas Prints would best suit individual or close-up shots of each sibling.

Tip: Scenic shots will look nicer on a larger Canvas Print!


Not too fond of displaying your photos from your photo shoot or never had such shoots? No worries. You can always edit your photos so that the overall colour theme stays consistent. Alternatively, you can opt for a monochrome canvas collage!

Here is an example. You do not have to put it up together all at once, you can slowly build up your wall of photo collage on canvas. It is easier to do so with black and white collage since the colour theme is easier to maintain and achieve with just some simple editing.


Of course you are not restricted to only putting your photo collage on canvas in your living room. You can also create a feature wall at home with your  photo collage on canvas.

Tip: Put them under spotlights to give these great memories captured extra attention!


You can take a step further by opting for Panel Canvas if you wish to create a statement with something of genuine artistry and meaning.This is perfect for those of you whole wish to only have 1 main image that stretches across your wall.

Find out more about our Panel Canvas on our previous blog post on displaying your canvas wall prints. 

Well, you do not have to limit your photo collage on canvas to the layouts and ideas that we have shared with you today. Let your creativity flow!

We’ll be back for more soon! Meanwhile you can read up more on canvas printing Singapore from our previous canvas prints posts – Basics of Canvas Printing & Caring For Your Rolled Canvas or Stretched Canvas [2/2].