Canvas Photo Printing In Singapore – Going About The Display

Good day to our fellow readers! We’re back for yet another blog post on canvas photo printing in Singapore! Today we’ll be sharing more about displaying your beautiful canvas photo prints. 

A question that we often receive from you guys is, can you display canvas photo prints alongside your framed prints. Simple answer is yes but it depends on every individual’s preference. So, we’ll help you visualise how your display wall will look like with a mix of frames and canvases.

Displaying Your Canvas Photo Prints Alongside Frames

With matboard

Some people love the idea of having a matboard in their frames as it adds a touch of style to spice things up. If your frames have matboards this is how your wall might end up looking like.

Without matboard

Others prefer their photos to be displayed fully in the frames, without the use of a matboard. If that’s your preference this is how your wall might end up looking.

If you have a mix of frames with and without matboards, you can also display them alongside your canvas photo prints. It would probably look something like this. 

collage canvas photo printing in singapore

In our previous blog post, Canvas Photo Printing in Singapore – A Modern Twist On Traditional Wall Decor, we shared about the different types of collages you can go for when it comes to canvas photo prints. You’ll notice that some of the photos we shared there were canvas of different sizes. 

Source: Pinterest

At Print For Fun, we offer a thinner wooden bar for our smaller sizes, the 20x20cm and the 20x30cm. If you want to display your canvas photo prints like in the photo above, you might want to consider the thinner bars for your smaller canvases. 


Oftentimes, you may have more than one family photo you really want to hang up for display. In that case. pick photos of different family members to print. A good mix or portraits, candid shots, and landscape shots will make a beautiful collage. The overall colour theme should be consistent. A good example is the black and white collage above.

The normal bars are are 3.5cm in thickness whereas the thinner ones at 2cm wide.

Panel Canvas




You can take a step further by opting for Panel Canvas if you wish to create a statement with something of genuine artistry and meaning. You can opt for canvases of the same size or even try it out in different sizes. This type of display would be perfect for scenery and skylines. However, you can also experiment with word prints for a rather unique look.

For our panel canvas prints, we recommend image wrap for the canvases or black wrap to ensure that there is a good flow from one panel to the next, without any obvious breakage in the image. Our 3 Panel Canvas Print gives a preview of how the final product will look like, which is very useful to ensure the integrity of the final image.

Hanging Your Canvas Print

Our smaller sized canvases, the 20x20cm and the 20x30cm come with a crocodile hook attached. The side with more grooves will be nailed facing down. This will make it easier for you to adjust your canvas.

Any size bigger than this will come with a braided wire attached to the back of the canvas.

This makes it even easier to adjust your canvas photo prints; especially when they are of bigger sizes.

Worried that you’re displaying them slanted? Not anymore! Just get yourself this small and relatively inexpensive tool – the leveller tool, also known as a bubble level. You can easily find them in any hardware store in your neighbourhood.

After hanging up your canvas photo prints, place the bubble level on the top. If the air bubble is within the black lines, your prints are hanging straight. If not adjust it till the air bubble gets there. You can also use this for your other frames!


Our Canvas Prints can bring any corner of your home to life – be it the kitchen or the office. You can print any types of prints from family pictures to scenery to decorate these spaces to add a touch the empty walls. If you want to know more about what kind of images you can place at each corner of your home, you can check out our other blog:  Canvas Prints – Bringing Each Corner Of Your Home To Life



And that’s all we’ve got for you today. We hope you’ve found this blogpost useful and that we’ve managed to convince you to get your canvas photo printing in Singapore!

Till the next time, cheers!