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Print For Fun provides high quality canvas photo printing services to our customers. Want a classic premium look to your new house, or putting up that shot you took while on vacation in the Grand Canyon in your living room, or sharing your favourite wedding shots with your guests at your wedding banquet? Our canvas prints will definitely add character to any wall and event. We offer a variety of photo canvas sizes that are popular among our customers. We are also able to provide custom size canvas prints. Available in many canvas sizes and stretched around a thick wooden frame for a premium look.

Looking for a Canvas with a Frame?
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Size Frame Thickness Price
20x20 cm 2 cm thick $45
20x30 cm 2 cm thick $51
30x30 cm 3.5 cm thick $66
30x40 cm 3.5 cm thick $73
40x40 cm 3.5 cm thick $84
40x60 cm 3.5 cm thick $104
50x50 cm 3.5 cm thick $116
30x90 cm 3.5 cm thick $121
50x70 cm 3.5 cm thick $137
60x60 cm 3.5 cm thick $141
60x80 cm 3.5 cm thick $168
60x90 cm 3.5 cm thick $182
70x100 cm 3.5 cm thick $231
40x120 cm 3.5 cm thick $188
80x80 cm 3.5 cm thick $224
90x90 cm 3.5 cm thick $262
80x120 cm 3.5 cm thick $296
90x120 cm 3.5 cm thick $323
100x150 cm 3.5 cm thick $447

For custom canvas printing sizes of our canvas prints, head over to our custom page HERE.

We provide canvas printing in Singapore, and our canvas is printed with archival inks and we use museum-quality canvas. It is a premium acid-free satin canvas with excellent colour gamut. We offer image/ gallery and colour wrap options. Each of our canvas is stretched by our artisans and wrapped around a wooden frames, with a saw-tooth or wire hanger installed on the reverse side of the frame. The canvas print comes ready-to-hang.

Why you should print on canvas rather than on paper?

Printing on canvas rather than paper offers durability, a unique aesthetic appeal with its textured matte surface, and the ability to transform your image into timeless pieces of art. Canvas prints are also known for their longevity, ensuring your memories or artwork remain vibrant for years to come.


Canvas Size Variations

More than 20 different sizes to choose from

We offer canvas prints from 20cm by 20cm to 90cm by 120cm. 


Canvas Close Up


Quality that lasts a long time. 

Our 100% cotton made canvas prints are spray-laminated for protection against the UV rays, dust and water. 




Mounted Canvas Prints


Explore your creativity

Our canvases are customisable for you to explore your creativity. Create beautiful collages using our canvas prints. 



Canvas Alligator Hook


Ready to hang

All our canvas prints are installed with their very own alligator hooks, ready to adorn your walls for our smaller size. A braided wire will be used for our larger canvas sizes. 

Quality canvas deserving for your big day

Print For Fun is the leader for canvas photo printing in Singapore and many wedding couples have trusted us by passing us their best wedding shots. These canvas prints are displayed at the wedding reception and later in their matrimonial home.

Different wrap options to chose from

Select the best suited canvas wrap option for your photo based on your image and occasion. Choose from full bleed canvas wrap, white wrap, black wrap or colour wrap options. These canvas prints will look great from any angle.

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Can you print other canvas sizes not listed here?

Yes! We offer custom canvas sizes, you can check out our Custom Size Canvas Prints here:

Can you print a canvas and frame it?

Yes! Check out our Framed Canvas Print product here:

How soon can I get this?

Get your order as early as the next working day if you submit before 11.59pm today, with our Self-Collection Next Working Day option. Express fees apply. Check out our Shipping Page here for more info: We provide the fastest service for canvas printing in Singapore.

How many canvas prints are recommended for a hotel wedding dinner banquet reception area? Do you have a recommended size to get?

If it's for placement on an easel at the entrance, we would recommend at least a 50x70cm or 60x90cm. For placement on a table, you could consider a few that are 40x60cm in size or at least 30x40cm. 

What size of images work best?

For a canvas, we recommend high quality and high resolution photos! We can work with phone camera images, but this would have to be the original images. Do note that our site has an uploading limit of 50MB. Our canvas printing service includes checking the quality of the image. If in doubt, email us at [email protected]

What if I got the photo via Whatsapp?

Whatsapp tends to shrink the photo during transfers. Get the person who has the original image, to send it via email might help > Select Actual Size so the photos don't compress. Other methods of sending include Airdrop (for Apple) and we've been told apps like Telegram and LINE work well in sending over images without compressing them. 

What is the best size for wedding canvas prints?

The best size for wedding canvas prints really depends on how you choose to display them. Our customers typically print between the sizes of 50 x 70cm and 60 x 90cm canvas prints. These few sizes will sit nicely on the wooden or metal easel that is provided by your event venue.

What type of print is best for wedding display?

We might be biased but we think canvas prints are really classic and it can be used for both your wedding and also displayed in your home. We are confident that we provide the best quality for canvas printing in Singapore, such as your wedding canvas print will last for years to come.

Where do you print the canvases?

We do our canvas printing in Singapore and each canvas is done in-house. All our canvases are handcrafted by our artisans and stretched across the canvas wooden bars.

How can I maintain the quality of my canvas prints?

Maintaining the quality of your canvas printing is essential for preserving their beauty and charm. To ensure their longevity, follow these maintenance tips: Regularly dust the surface of your canvas with a soft, lint-free cloth or a gentle brush to prevent the buildup of particles. Avoid using cleaning solutions, as they can damage the print. If necessary, lightly dampen the cloth with distilled water and gently wipe the surface. Keep your canvas away from direct sunlight, as prolonged exposure can cause fading. When handling the canvas, do so with clean hands to prevent oil and dirt transfer. By following these simple steps, you'll be able to enjoy your canvas prints in pristine condition for years to come.

How do I display my canvas prints?

Displaying your canvas prints is easy and rewarding. Begin by selecting a spot that offers good lighting without exposing the print to direct sunlight. Ensure that the canvas is at eye level for comfortable viewing, and consider the layout of your room's decor for a harmonious look. If you are arranging multiple prints, maintain consistent spacing between them.

Can I extend my photo around the edge of the canvas?

Yes! During the design process after you click “Order Now” there would be an option for you to wrap the photo around the edge or have a coloured/white border on the edges. Although wrapping the picture around the edges would give it a more three dimensional and interesting look, this really depends on your stylistic preferences and is completely up to you.

Do you offer bulk discounts for canvas prints?

For corporate or school enquiries regarding buying canvases in large quantities, please write in to us at [email protected] and our team will assist you.

What is the difference between canvas photo prints and other types of prints?

Canvas photo printing in Singapore is very different from other types of prints. The most distinct difference is the texture of the canvas sheet. The surface of the canvas print has a fabric like design which gives the print the classic canvas look. Other types of photo print are generally smoother with different degrees of glossiness.

Can I view your canvas material and samples in person?

Sure, do call us in advance to make an appointment to view canvas photo samples at our office at 6 Ubi Road 1, #04-10, S 408726.

Can I print on canvas material without canvas bar stretching?

If you would like to print on our canvas material without having the print stretched over canvas bars, we also provide such canvas photo printing service. Do drop us an email at [email protected] to enquire.

Why print on canvas rather than photo paper?

Printing a photograph on textured canvas creates a look that has a different dimension to it. You usually will want to choose the best image for canvas photo printing. It makes you feel closer to the moment because there is no frame or glass/ acrylic that is covering the print. Canvas sheet are also tough & durable, making them much more resistant to finger print marks, which appears very easily on frames and their glass/ acrylic covers.

How does the back of canvas look like?

We use canvas framing tape as a final protection on the back of the canvas prints, so as to seal the canvas to the frame properly. The hanging solution consists of key hole screws and a hanging wire. The benefit of a hanging wire for canvas instead of alligator hooks is such that you are able to hang up your canvas easily without having to "search" for the alligator hook and also able to align the canvas to be horizontal.

How are your canvas wrapped?

Majority of our canvas are gallery-wrapped or image wrapped, with the image stretched over and across the sides of the canvas bars This style is the most popular as it helps the canvas look more 3D. Customer can also opt for a solid colour on all sides. The solid colour depends on your main canvas picture. We can recommend what suits your image best.