Unique ideas for gifts or decorating your homes

Hello everybody and welcome back to the PFF blog. On today’s blog post, we will be elaborating about products unique to PFF and how they would make a great gift for any event be it an anniversary, birthday or any special occasion

  1. Magnet prints
  2. Photocubes
  3. GIF prints

Magnet prints

Our magnet products are exclusive to PFF. They come in 2 main variations. Magnet Sheets and Thick Square Magnets. Be it magnet sheets or our thick magnets, they can serve as a great gift and can be used to decorate any metallic surfaces around the house.

Magnet Sheets

Our magnet sheets are 2.56″ x 2.56″ (6.5cm x 6.5cm) with white border and retail for $22 for a set of 12. These magnets are futuristic and sleek and come with a white border. You can print your favourite moments of your child/loved ones/friends and stick them on your fridge so that you can remember them. Alternatively, you can gift them these magnet sheets and they can stick them on any metallic surfaces.

Thick magnets

If you prefer the classic thick magnets, we do have them available as well. Our thick magnets are 3mm thick and measure 2.5″ x 2.5″ (6.35cm x 6.35cm). They retail for $28 for a set of 6. These are a real classic and are great for decorating your metallic surfaces. We highly recommend using your favourite photos to print so when you look at them on the metallic surface, you will be reminded of the best times you spent with your loved ones. Do take note that you should avoid printing photos that have faces near the photo edges as they will go around to the back of the magnet

Both of magnet sheets and thick magnets can be used to transform a simple plain metallic surface into an art piece. It could be transforming the metallic surface into an Instagram feed or even use the magnets to tell a story from different chapters in your life. A very popular storyline we see among our customers are of them as parents. They will often print photos of their kid growing up and how they as parents have progressed since the child’s birth. For creating an Instagram feed on your metallic surface, do check out our previous blogpost on photo magnets ideas to create your own fridge-stagram.


Another product unique to PFF is our photocubes. These cubes make a perfect gift for many occasions. Be it anniversaries, birthdays or even graduations, our photocubes make a perfect gift for those special occasions. The photocube also comes with a gift box so you need not worry about finding a gift box for the photocube.

Photocube Rectangle Photo

Some of us may have an issue deciding on which photos should be selected for the photocube. No worries, PFF has got you covered. Do check out our previous blog post on 5 ideas on what to print on photocube.

GIF Prints

Another product unique to PFF is our GIF prints. These prints are made through lenticular printing whereby it essentially produces images with an illusion of them coming to life, as the image appears to move when viewed from different angles.

Our GIF prints make a great gift for anniversaries or even as a birthdays gift. You can customize the gift by selecting your favourite pictures to be included in the GIF prints. However, do note that the pictures you select should 2 contrasting photos of the same subject. Check out our previous blog post on GIF prints if have missed it

Our Gif prints come in 2 sizes, Small vintages and 4R.

Small vintages

For small vintages, we recommend only using portrait images


For 4R, both portrait and landscape images work well

These are some of the prints unique to PFF and will make a great gift. We hope that you have found this blog post useful. Do share this with your friends and family if you found it useful. Til next time. Cheers.