Lenticular Printing – Physical GIF Prints

Lenticular printing – what is it all about? It is actually a type of print which results in the pictures being able to create an animated effect, similar to a ‘Boomerang’ on Instagram. You might also realise they are a lot like GIFs except you’re holding them.           

At Print For Fun, we call it our GIF Prints. We print in 2 sizes, our Vintage GIF Prints (2” x 3.5”) and our 4R GIF Prints (4” x 6”). Both lenticular images come with a border around them. 

Here are some things you might want to know about lenticular printing and lenticular images!

What/ When should I consider lenticular printing?

If you have an anniversary or birthday of a close one coming up, you should consider lenticular images. These customisable and unique prints may just be the perfect gift! You can consider choosing photos from years ago along with a current photo to show the receiver how far you two have come. 

These prints are also perfect for capturing before and after pictures of yourself. Say something like the ‘10-Year Challenge’. You can also get one if you’re just curious as to how our GIF Prints will look like in person!

What kind of photos are recommended for a GIF print?

Choose two contrasting photos preferably of the same subject, so as to maintain the same theme. Ideally, one photo should have a darker background and the other, a brighter one. This will ensure a smooth and very visible transition between the photos! 

Photos of an action or a moving subject would also be great for lenticular printing! The outcome? A real life ‘Boomerang’! 

Why print GIF prints instead of something simpler?

Simple answer: They are much more fun to look at and play with! Moving photos instead of stills? It’s a no brainer! Also, for just $8 (Vintage Style) you can have 2 or 3 different photos in one print.  It really is a unique way for printing photos.  

That’s it for today’s post. Don’t forget to check out our lenticular printing. Also, be sure to give our previous blogposts a read if you haven’t. Stay tuned for more. Till then, cheers!