Top 5 Best Photo Editing Apps

The best smartphones in the world can give you the best images, but with specialised photo editing apps, your pictures can be enhanced with a click away. Have you ever wondered how fun features are added to these pictures? And just how they are edited?

Today’s Print For Fun blog will share the top 5 best photo editing apps so you can impress your family and friends next time!

Pixlr (Free on IOS and Android)


Pixlr has many combinations of effects, overlays and filters in their app. You can create photo collages with various layouts, backgrounds and spacing options. There is an Auto Fix feature that balances out the colour. You can layer and blend photos! The Double Exposure tool allows one to overlay many images as well.

PicsArt (Android, iOS)

Picsart Photo & Video Editor – Apps on Google Play

Picsart is one of the most common editing photo apps since it’s fun, easy to use, and covers all the bases for consumer mobile photography. It provides lots of creative control, excellent image-editing tools and a large variety of attractive filters. In addition, you can quickly select or create fun stickers, combine your pictures into highly customizable collages, add artistic text and share. 

Snapseed (Android, iOS)

Snapseed on the App Store

Not only does it offer a powerful collection of tools, but it’s also incredibly easy to use! The app is free and there is no premium version. It is also highly recommended for serious photographers looking through its range of exposure, colour, masking and reshaping tools, brushes, and filters with different settings. 

Prisma (Android, iOS)

Prisma Art Effect Photo Editor – Apps on Google Play

Prisma’s stylistic filters is what sets it apart from most of the best photo editing apps. Prisma goes all-in on the art side of things, enabling you to turn your photo into mini-Picassos or Van Goghs. And it really works, using clever AI to apply the effects with uncannily accurate results.

VSCO (Android, iOS)

VSCO: Photo & Video Editor – Apps on Google Play

VSCO has a wide variety of photo corrections and adjustments to help you produce nice quality images. Although it doesn’t have selective edits, text or special effects, it offers a nice array of functions such as selective focus point, manual control over white balance, ISO and exposure.


Whether it’s any of the photo editing apps or software you have in mind, Print For Fun offers a myriad of frames and prints for you to print out for safekeeping! Opt for either our classic prints or framed prints today to bring them to life.