Teachers’ Day Gift Ideas: Photo Printing

It’s that time of the year again! A day dedicated to showing your appreciation for teachers. Most students scramble to look for the perfect gift as a token of appreciation. Many gift their teachers with handwritten cards and others look for practical gifts such as stationery.  

Our prints make the perfect teachers’ day gifts! With your personal touch, your teachers are sure to love them. Don’t worry if you are strapped for time, our online photo printing service makes it more than convenient for you to place your orders. Did we mention that they’re also inexpensive?

Here’s a list of our top suggestions!

#1 Vintage Prints

These polaroid frame photos come in different sizes to cater to your needs. Small Vintages fit snugly in your wallet, Large Vintages are perfect for writing messages and Wide Vintages are for group photos you took with your classmates and teachers. 

Worried about costs of photo printing? Fret not! Small and Large Vintages start from $0.80 per piece, whereas Wide Vintages are from $0.90 a piece.

Get creative with the different sizes and start scouring for those perfect photos!

#2 Biggies & Smallies

Our Biggies & Smallies is also something that you can consider. Their simple design highlights the pictures and draws attention straight to it. Use Biggies for your group shots/ wide photos and Smallies for personal ones. 

Here’s a tip – they’re perfect for scrapbooking! Take your teachers’ day present up a notch and gift them with a scrapbook filled with memories. They will be thrilled to flip through the pages and reminisce each moment spent with you. Prices start at $0.90 for Biggies and $0.80 for Smallies. 

#3 Photostrips

Our Photostrips’ layout is in a unique photo printing format, perfect if you want something different. With 4 photos in each strip, you can arrange them according to the occasion or theme. Just string a few photos of you with your teachers or even their favourite things. It’s a small gesture but it shows that you really know them well. They’re also perfect if you have multiple versions of the same photos and just can’t decide which ones the best. For a set of 4, you can get them at just $9.

And those are our best picks! Regardless of your gifts, your teachers will definitely cherish each one of them. They know you’ve put in so much effort to show your love and appreciation for them. What’s most important is it comes from the bottom of your heart. 

The Print For Fun Team would like to wish all teachers and educators out there a very Happy Teachers’ Day!

Stay tuned for our next post and happy printing!