Re-designing your home: Square Photo Frames Edition

With smartphones in our pockets, it’s easy to capture special memories in seconds. Instead of letting those precious photos remain unseen, why not display your favorites around your home? In today’s blog, we have compiled 5 ideas to take your home interior design to the next level with our collage photo frames and square photo frames. They are such a great way to display your photos so that you, your family and your friends can enjoy them for years to come.

Square Grid

Grid style gallery walls give off a sense of order, cleanliness, and precision. If you are looking for square photo frames that will fit together in a true square grid form, check out our collection of Photo Tiles and Instagram Tiles (small and large).

Colourful Wall Collage

Tired of Black and white frames? Everyone needs a bit of colour in their life. With framing colours there’s no set right or wrong; often all it comes down to is the style of the picture, the style of the room and simply personal preference.

At Print For Fun, we have various colour frames for our square photo frames (i.e. Blue, white, black and wood) in different collage style (i.e. 2×2, 3×3, 4×4). You can play around with the colours and collage styles when creating a wall collage out of these colourful frames. Below is an example:

This wall collage is created using the following Square Frames:

  • A Collage of 2×2 photos with Yellow Square Frame (Unfortunately, we no longer sell this colour frame)
  • Collage of 4×4 photos with Black Square Frame
  • A Collage of 2×2 photos with White Square frame
  • Collage of 2×2 photos with Blue Square Frame
  • A Collage of 3×3 photos with Wood Square Frame

Square Frame Collage + Square Instaframes

Looking to break out of the strict grid? This layout is perfect for any themed collage walls like the image below! Kick it up a notch by creating a wall collage combining both the square photo frame collage with the single photo Instaframes.

This wall collage is created using:

Instagram Poster Print Collage + Instaframes:

Another creative way for you to create another wall collage using an Instagram Poster Print Collage. Combine photos from a single event or trip—or select pictures that share a common theme—for a final collage that’s creative and cohesive. You can always combine it with our square Instaframes to give it a more organic and diversified look. The possibilities are endless!

This wall collage using:

  • 1 40cm x 50cm Poster Collage
  • 4 Instaframe

Straight To The Heart

Do you love the idea of creating a heart-shaped collage to display your treasured square Instagram photos, but don’t want to tackle the design yourself? Our customised poster collage provides an online template so that you can create the perfect heart-shaped collage in just minutes.

Use this photo collage idea to group together photos of your friends and family in a way that tells the world they’re what matters to you the most. Make sure to frame your creation with our square frames before displaying it proudly in your living room, hallway or entryway for family and guests to enjoy!

If you really want to go for something spectacular and awe-inspiring, you can make a heart-collage out of our mini-square frames. It requires quite a number of frame and time but the results will be worth the effort!

And that’s it, folks! Hope that this blog post gave you some ideas in decorating with square photo frames and collage photo frames!. For more inspiration, check out our older posts on how to create a wall collage and Mix and Print Ideas – Gallery Wall Edition.

Till next time, cheers!