Mix and Print Ideas – Gallery Wall Edition

Are your walls looking dead, and you’re wondering how to bring them to life? In today’s PFF blog, we’re going to take you through 4 creative ideas to consider when you’re trying to create a multi-frame gallery display with photo frames from our framed prints collection.

With a wide variety of frames from Serious Prints such as black photo frames, wall photo frames and wooden photo frames, planning and assembling your gallery wall is a simple process.

Different Grid Styles

  • Square Grid

Grid style gallery walls give off a sense of order, cleanliness, and precision. If you are looking for frames that will fit together in a true square grid form, check out our collection of Photo Tiles and Instagram Tiles (small and large).

Square frames in a grid of 3×3
Source: Pinterest
  • Rectangle Grid

Your gridded masterpiece doesn’t have to be a perfect square grid – consider a horizontal arrangement with rectangular frames for huge spaces like your hallways or living room. With this setup, all of the pieces come together to look like one big statement piece for that classic gallery wall look.

Rectangular frames in a grid of 2×3
Source: Carolynann.com

Love this look? You can find frames like this in our collection Three’s A Crowd, where we sell rectangular frames in a set of 3, from sizes A1 to A4!

  • Mondrian Grid

Looking to break out of the strict grid? This layout is perfect for any themed gallery walls like the image below! This involves mixing together framed prints of different sizes and shapes and lining them in a square or rectangle outline. This still preserves a sense of hierarchy while creating asymmetry.

Source: Cotcozy.com

Three’s A Crowd + Framed Print Squares

Frames displayed in sets of three can create a dynamic and unique focal point. They are easy to create and they give you the freedom to vary sizes and styles with just three frames.

Source: Pinterest

For frames like this, shop for our collection, Three’s A Crowd.

Alternatively, you can display your three frames diagonally, which looks great on ascending staircases. And if you aren’t digging the classic and structured look, you can always combine it with our Framed Prints Squares to give it a more organic and diversified look. The possibilities are endless!

Asymmetric Style + Grid Style

Probably the most popular arrangement, asymmetrical gallery walls are all the rage. These galleries are super easy to create. Because there is no set pattern or style, feel free to mix and match different frame styles and sizes.

Source: Unsplash.com

Itching to recreate this gallery in your living space? Shop for our Blossom frame sets to get you started!

To spice up your gallery wall, you’re going to want to add grids within your asymmetric gallery wall by putting a mini collection of 2 to 4 pieces together using our Framed Prints Mini Squares. It looks trendy and it ties the whole gallery together.

Source: Decoist.com

Waves Style + Photo Tiles

If you like your gallery walls with a degree of uniformity but without the formality of Three’s A Crowd, you can check out our Waves frame sets, where frames are arranged in a wave-like pattern!

You can add on Photo Tiles in a matching colour and finish, which will create a look that feels cohesive and put together but not too structured.

When it comes to gallery walls, there are no rules. You just need to figure out what kind of look you’re going for. The beauty of framed prints is that you can personalise these wall photo frames to your style.

Once you’ve settled on a layout and/or theme, be sure to check out our blog post on how to create and physically assemble your gallery wall. We hoped this blog has inspired you to start creating your own gallery wall with framed prints! Till next time, cheers!