Printing Panoramic Photos with our photo print shop

Taking panoramic photos on your phone takes more time than your typical photo — a good indicator that you’ve found yourself at a gorgeous location that needs to be remembered. However, all too often our panoramic photos get buried in our digital libraries. To truly make the most of your photos, why not print them with our photo print shop?

In today’s PFF blog, we’re excited to show you a tutorial on how to print panoramic photos with your smartphone, so that you can enjoy a stunning wall art with a personal touch. 


Here at Print for Fun, we offer a variety of options available to you when it comes to the material of your panoramic prints. Our photo print shop offer several custom products designed just for panoramic photos. You can choose to print yours on premium print (semi-gloss paper), metal or canvas. Here’s a breakdown of each of these options:

1. Premium Print

If you don’t like the look of canvas, premium prints are a great option. The paper used has a semi-gloss finish, meaning that colours will be rich and and intense without the glare that glossy paper can cause.

We suggest framing your prints to help with their longevity.

Source: The Digital Room

2. Canvas Print

Canvas prints are a classic choice. The high-quality fine art canvas material is able to show off the original colors of your photo.

Not only that, canvas prints are archival, meaning that they are guaranteed to last over 100 years. Your panorama photos will not only become eye-catching wall decorations but also memories that can be passed down in your family. 

3. Metal Print

This is where your panoramic photo will be printed on a stunning slab of aluminum. You can opt for additional mount backing for your metal print so that they will be ready for your wall. This is the best option to make all the colors in your photo pop and render your photo as vivid as it appears on your screen.

How to take your Panoramic Photos using your smartphone

Step 1:

Find your photo inspiration. So many subjects rock as panoramic photos on canvas — cityscapes and bridges, mountain ranges and views, sunsets and lakes! The possibilities are endless.

Step 1: Printing Panoramics

Step 2:

With your subject in view, open the Camera app on your phone, and tap “Pano” on the options at the bottom of your screen. It’s the last option there, so you’ll need to do a bit of scrolling.

Step 2: Printing Panoramics

Step 3:

Line up the camera on the left-hand side of where you want your photo to start. Tap the shutter button, then pan your iPhone or Andriod continuously to the right, keeping the onscreen arrow on the line.

Step 3: Printing Panoramics

Step 4:

Congrats! Now you can marvel at the beauty of your new panorama.


The size of our panoramic print options means that you can print any high quality digital photo on them, providing it meets the minimum resolution requirements for the print size. You shouldn’t feel limited to landscape shots, you can print any long and thin subject, even a portrait!

Learning how to print panoramic photos is easy. Not only that but seeing your photos as tangible prints is far more impactful than on a small screen. We hope this blog has inspired you to start printing your own panoramic photos. Till next time, cheers!

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