Print Photos: Redecorating your home

With majority of you working from home, it is a great time to re-decorate your homes. Usually, you will source for inspirations and decorate it with pictures and beautiful decor that suits the theme you have in mind.

Most of you probably visit IKEA store to get inspiration or purchase a thing or two from them – this includes frames for your print photos. After all, print photos add a personal touch to your homes and it can add a nostalgic or lively atmosphere. In today’s blogpost, we will share some ideas on creating a home that is more you.

A Place To Unwind

Most of us has probably seen metal grid memo boards selling in IKEA or elsewhere. Decorate the memo boards with beautiful photos or quotes that makes you perk up after a long hard day at ‘work’. Place or purchase your favourite scented candle for you to relax after a hard day at work.

Add Greenery To Your Home

We’ve heard many people had started gardening during the circuit breaker. And many has continue in doing so, as a form of relaxation. By adding plants in your home, it would spruce up your home and adds a personal aesthetic to it.

Artworks of your little ones

With little ones at home, there will definitely have something surprising for us – be it a drawing they drew in class (zoom class) or little knick knacks they’ve created. Hang the pictures up in a frame or place them in little pockets of your memo board. It will serve as a little pick me up for those hard days!

A Photo Wall Gallery

If you have an empty wall waiting to be decorated, spruce it up with photos frames of your favourite moments or scenic spot. Creating a collage photo frames of your favourite things, will be the perfect thing to show your personality in your home.

Wrapping Up

These are some ideas you could try to spruce up your home and make it more you. If you are unsure of which print to go for to print photos or which frames you should go for, check out some of our previous blog post.

Hope all these ideas would give you some inspiration to redecorate your home. If you have any questions, feel free to email us at [email protected] or check us out on our website.