Poses For Your Next #OOTD

Chinese New Year, the time of the year where you actually have a reason to put in a lil’ more effort to dress up so you can get more Ang Baos. It’s also the time of the year where your Instagram feed will be flooded with a large amount of #OOTDs. Beautiful clothes alone ain’t enough, the poses matter too! In today’s blogpost, we are going to introduce to you 10 poses that will showcase you and your outfit and hopefully, learn how to pose like a fashion blogger.

#1 The Totally Didn’t Expect That Pose

over the shoulder pose


This pose is all about acting like you were minding your own business, thinking of what to eat later, when suddenly, somebody calls you from behind and snaps a candid shot of you.

#2 Just Airing the Pits

arms over shoulder pose
With Singapore’s weather being all funky these days, it can get pretty humid. Why not just kill 2 birds with 1 stone with this pose? You can now strike a gorgeous pose while airing your pits! On a more serious note, this is model-approved and chic. You can also stick one leg out and give a parted pout to complete the overall look.

#3 Drop It Like It’s Hot

squat pose
The classic bathroom/fitting room shot.

#4 One Foot In front Of The Other

This is my favourite pose because it helps me look wayyyyy taller than I actually am. It also helps if you fake laugh as if somebody told you the funniest Yo Momma joke to liven up the photo.

#5 Faceless Mirror Selfie

mirror selfie
Let the clothes do the talking for you, this pose is great if your face isn’t really feeling the camera that day. For me, it’s most of the time.

#6 Sitting

When you have taken countless of shots, your feet are bound to get tired. But that does not mean you need to stop taking photos! By sitting down, it gives your picture an effortless touch, like ‘I really don’t even know you were taking pictures of me but I still look cute’ pose.

 #7 Knee POP

knee pop
This is great if you are wearing Wide Legged pants, a little leg separation prevents them from looking like a skirt in photos. It also helps to make your leg appear longer in photos!

#8 Walking

You can finally feel like a celebrity with this pose. Just imagine yourself as Rihanna, walking down the streets while the paparazzi snap shots of you, which later will be posted in top fashion magazines with the headline ‘BEST FASHION TREND OF 2K18’

#9 Hair flip/Hair pull

Not sure what to do with your hands while posing? Just pull your hair. Trying to create a whimsical look to your photos? Just swing your hair.

#10 The Twirl

the twirl
Other than swinging your hair, try swinging your dresses too! Gives your photo a fairytale look. Just remember to swing it slowly so that you are able to capture the beautiful action.

Well, you see, posing isn’t that bad isn’t it? You are now on your way to becoming the next fashion blogger! Don’t forget to print with us after you have taken these amazing shots here: https://www.printforfun.sg/
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