Photo Printing Online: CNY Family Photos You’ll Want To Capture

Chinese New Year (CNY) is just around the corner and you know what that means: you get to see your all your relatives like your uncles, aunties, or cousins you’ll only get to meet once a year. And this also means commemorative group shots!

Cue shots of everyone squeezing together and awkwardly smiling into the tiny lens of a phone camera. But these group shots don’t have to be boring or formal. Instead, zhng your group photos with 5 super fun family photo shoot ideas that are guaranteed to spice up those family portraits for CNY.

1. Pose with your “Hong Baos”

For many of us, “Hong Baos” (Red Packets) are the stars of CNY, bringing the sweet, sweet promise of free money sitting inside each one. To show how much you appreciate them – and recycle those now-empty packets , gather your friends, relatives and cousins to show off your Hong Baos!

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2. Creating A CNY Photo Spot

Not doing as much visiting this year? No worries — you can still CNY-fy your space for a great stay-home Chinese New Year and create the perfect OOTD backdrop. Decorate your set with pops of red or gold, baskets of oranges and artificial plants such as cherry blossoms or pussy willows to bring out the CNY atmosphere! You could even dress up your family up in tradition Chinese clothing to further immerse yourself in the festivity. Not only will these tips make your photos more fun and less formal, they make great Instagram-worthy posts.

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Source: Bambini Photography

3. Snap creative group shots with Milo’s Exclusive Lion Head Carton

What does everyone love as much as CNY? Milo of course!

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Source: Milo Singapore

Although, there isn’t such a thing as year of the Lion, but with all the positive symbolism it brings, there’s no stopping this iconic creature from sailing into this year’s festivities. These limited edition MILO Lion Head carton boxes make the perfect prop for transforming yourselves into lion dancer for a CNY shot that will wow everyone!

Source: Shopee

Get your Milo Lion Head Packs here!

4. Outdoor CNY Family Photos

There’s no better way to get into the CNY mood than by visiting all the places that have CNY decorations, events, and activities for everyone in the family to enjoy! Locations include any heartland malls and places of interest such as Chinatown, Changi Airport and Chinese Garden that are often decked out in full CNY decorations. Take festive and exciting photos with CNY decorative installations and get to witness lion dances, performances as well as do some CNY shopping!

Source: Motherhood SG

5. Unconventional Chinese New Year Family Photos

Probably the coolest way to take your Chinese New Year photos is in your car! Because all of you will be present in your car when visiting household to household, so why not take this chance to snap the perfect wefie! Whether you’re on the move, in a parking lot or modelling with your car, all your photos will look great.

Source: Carros SG

Now you no longer have an excuse to settle for dull-looking family photos. With this epic list of awesome family photo ideas, you can now get creative with the way you and your family arrange yourselves for the camera!

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Till next time, Cheers!