Photo Printing Gifts Under $60

With our holiday shopping list getting longer and longer, our bank accounts can really start to feel the burden. Nevertheless, gift-giving should still be fun and meaningful. Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for your friends, partner, or family, we’ve put together a list of over 8 photo printing gifts under $60 that will impress your loved ones, without the cringe-worthy price tag.

At Print For Fun, we have a wide range of photo printing products that would make the perfect Christmas gift. And in case you’re shopping for a last-minute gift, most of these items are available with expedited shipping!

*Prices exclude shipping


Gifting a greeting card is authentic and personal to the receiver – especially if the greeting card was personally designed by you. They are a nice way to celebrate an occasion, send a message to a dear friend, or to add a personal touch to a gift. Our greeting card allows you to personalise the design however you wish. Use your own photos or use one of our templates provided, the sky is the limit.

Our greeting cards are sold in sets of 10 and they come in two sizes: 5R (5″ x 7″) and 4″x8″. What’s more, they come with envelopes in the respective sizes.

Tip: You can pair the greeting card with another gift as well.

Price: $20-$26*

2. PHOTO CALENDAR: Usher in the new year of 2021

With Christmas approaching, so is a brand new year. Instead of a framed photo, delight friends or family with a one-of-a kind photo calendar they’ll love all year long.  With a personalised wall calendar, they can share their favourite photos and moments with friends and family, all in a thoughtful, practical manner. 

Features a 12-month display with plenty of customisation options. They come in size A5, which makes them great for desktop display. With our collection of calendar templates coupled with our easy editing tools, you’ll have a perfectly designed, unique calendar in no time!

Price: $23*

3. GIF PRINT: Animate your own MOTION PICTURES

Try something unique this holiday with our GIF Print. If you still have not heard about our GIF Prints, they are made through lenticular printing whereby it essentially produces images with an illusion of them coming to life, as the image appears to move when viewed from different angles. You can re-create a short story of your favourite moments with an animated-style twist to it.

At the moment, we only offer 2 sizes for GIF Prints: Small Vintage (2″x3.5″) & 4R prints. The Small Vintage is perfect for those who want to place it at the back of their phones and for portrait photos while the 4R is perfect for Landscape photos.

Price: $10-$15*

4. Magnets: Bring Magnetic Moments to Life

We’ve all picked up a fridge magnet from the souvenir shop to remind us of our trip. But how getting a own photo magnet for a special someone?Custom photo magnets are thoughtful gifts that the receiver is almost guaranteed to be able to use. They can stick to so many different surfaces that you know they’ll be able to find a place for your gift. Our custom photo magnets will allow them to preserve their favorite memories in a place they’ll be easily remembered.

You can choose from either our Magnet Sheets or our Thick Photo Magnets.

Thick Photo MagnetsPhoto Magnet Sheets
Size2.5″ x 2.5″ (6.35cm x 6.35cm)2.56″ x 2.56″ (6.5cm x 6.5cm) with white border
Price$28 a set of 6 photo magnets$22 for a set of 12 photo magnets
NoteAvoid having faces near the photo edges as they will go around to the back of the magnet

Price: $22-$28*

5. Acrylic photo block: Keep your precious moments looking timeless

If you’re looking for a unique photo printing product, this is the one! These crystal clear acrylic blocks will enhance the colours in your photo to create a vibrant, 3D-effect on your photo. But, to turn this gift into a stunning display piece, you’ll have to pick a well-lit and memorable shot!

Our Acrylic Photo Blocks measure 5 inches by 5 inches (12.7cm by 12.7cm).

Price: $50*

6. Photobook: Tell your story

Scrapbooking can be time consuming. If you don’t have the luxury of time, go for our Photobooks! There’s nothing quite like looking through a printed photo album – to see a photo for the first time or look back at favourite memories. These albums make it easy to showcase wedding, holiday or family images – whether you’re creating your own personal library or dedicating it on behalf of someone.

We want to make preserving your most-prized moments easy with just a few clicks. All you have to do is send over your photos and captions and we’ll take care of the rest. Once we’re done designing, you’ll be able to preview it and make any edits if necessary. After this step, we’ll get your photo printing! Just note that the lead time is a little different. It will take 10 working days for self collection and 10-12 working days for shipping. So do place your orders early if you want them in time for Christmas!




 7. Photocube: UNRAVEL SURPRISES at every turn

Want to surprise your loved one with an innovative yet deeply personal gift? PhotoCube is the way to go! It captures your most beautiful memories in a creative and special way. With every turn of the cube, there will be new photos revealed hence earning its nickname, the infinity cube or as others would prefer, the magic folding PhotoCube!  

Their compact size allows them to fit anywhere, so you can be sure the recipient of your gift will have room to display it. They make great instant family heirlooms and are sure to be treasured for years to come!

The cube measures 7cm (2.75 inches) on each side and consists of 6 square photos and 3 rectangular photos. Each PhotoCube comes with a gift box so you don’t even need to worry about wrapping it up!

Price: $54*

And that is it! Hope you guys have an idea on what photo printing product to get for your loved ones. We wish you all happy holidays! With many of you placing your orders for Christmas, please place your orders early to ensure that your receive them before the 25th. We also seek your kind understanding for any delays in shipping.

‘Till next time, cheers!