Photo Printing Gift Ideas This Valentine’s Day: For Her

Searching for a photo printing gift she’ll love that also shows her how much she means to you? Fear not, cupid has got your back with our selection of personalised Valentine’s Day gifts for her! Create a masterpiece out of your own photos to make unique gifts, customised specially for your beloved one. At Print For Fun, we provide easy and fuss free photo printing in Singapore.

Here are some personal and romantic photo printing gift ideas to help you celebrate the sweetest day of the year:

Photo Balloon Chandelier

If you are looking to wow and honour your woman this Valentine’s day, this is the perfect way to go about it! Photo Balloon Chandeliers are especially perfect for a Valentine’s Day surprise as they add a touch of romance to your gesture (and photo prints). Instead of display your photos in a frame, why not display photos of you two together from whimsical-looking floating balloons? You can even write fun stories or sweet messages on the back of each picture to remind her of the adventures you both had. The best part is you can set them up anywhere, in the kitchen, the bedroom or the living room. This gift surprise will certainly be one she won’t forget!

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Romantic DIY Balloon Chandelier For Your Engagement Or Wedding -  Weddingomania

DIY Pull-up Photo Box

There is no better present than this DIY Valentine’s Day pull-out photo box.  This is a unique twist to those old-fashioned photo albums that will surely surprise your loved one! Not only that, it calls attention to the special moments in your life together.

How to make it: Order either our Small Squares in size 3″x3″ or Large Squares in 4″x4″. You’ll need some wrapping paper, a pair of scissors and glue for this one. Take a piece of some craft paper of your choice and cut along a piece 3″ or 4″ wide depending on the size of print you chose. Glue the prints one above the other, so when they fold they make a kind of accordion. Leave some extra paper on the bottom, so you can glue it into the box. Fold the photo accordion inside the box and it is ready to be gifted!


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Want to surprise your loved one with an innovative yet deeply personal gift? Photocube is the way to go! It captures your most beautiful memories in a creative and special way. With every turn of the cube, there will be new photos revealed hence earning its nickname, the infinity cube or as others would prefer, the magic folding Photocube. Unfold each side to reveal more photos, recalling all your favourite moments with each other. Each Photocube includes 6 square photos and 3 rectangle photos.

If that isn’t awesome enough, we have an exclusive Valentine’s Day Photocube! Now, you go beyond just photos but can even include a short and sweet message to express your love. For our Valentine’s Day Photocube, you will be able to include 7 photos. Each Photocube comes with a gift box so you don’t even need to worry about wrapping it up!

Heart-shaped Poster Collage

Do you love the idea of creating a heart-shaped collage to display your treasured square Instagram photos, but don’t want to tackle the design yourself? Our customised poster collage provides an online template so that you can create the perfect heart-shaped collage in just minutes.

Use this photo collage idea to group together photos of you and your girlfriend/wife in a way that tells the world they’re what matters to you the most. Make sure to frame your creation with our lovely photo frames before displaying it proudly in your living room, hallway or entryway for family and guests to enjoy!

Heart Wall Collage

Speaking of a heart-shaped poster collage, did you know that you could also create a heart wall photo collage to dedicate to your loved one? A Valentines present for her need no longer be tricky, with this classy wall collage that she will be proud of. Print photos of your favourite honeymoon or holiday snaps and arrange them in a shape of a heart or “I Love You”. This gift makes a wonderful, practical addition to a kitchen or living area, where the two of you will always be reminded to take a moment to look on the wonders of yesterday and rejoice in your future together.

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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas - Heart shaped wall

Gif Prints

If you still have not heard about our GIF Prints, it is actually prints which is similar to a ‘Boomerang’ on Instagram, like an animated print. You might also realise they are a lot like GIFs except you’re holding them. Our GIF Prints comes in two sizes – 4R and Vintage (similar to polaroids). You can create a GIF Print which captures the different milestones celebrated together as a couple.

Final Thoughts

Some of the most cherished gifts are the ones we make ourselves. This Valentine’s Day, give your loved ones the gift of memories. With our photo printing gift ideas, you can create the perfect gift, they’ll be sure to love and remember for years to come!

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