Online Printing: Prints To Choose For Digital Artwork

Even the best ink jet printers in the world can’t help all that much if you neglect getting the best type of print to print digital art. If you’re a digital artist, then you probably want your artwork to be at least as beautiful as your art appears on your screen. In today’s PFF blog, we will be sharing 3 recommended print type to bring out the best in your artwork when it comes to our online printing services.


Source: Unsplash

Wish to have your digital art displayed in a way that is just as impressive and visually pleasing as paintings you would see in a museum or art gallery? We recommend printing your digital art on Canvas.

Canvas print gives off a more artistic vibe as compared to the print types, because it is similar to oil and acrylic paintings created by artists. It’s fabric surface possesses a texture that provides additional depth to your printed image. Due to its material, usually cotton, canvas has no glare or reflection when light shines on its surface. As compared to framed premium prints, canvas prints are usually lighter in weight and may not require nailing into the walls to support the weight of the prints.

Premium Prints

While our premium prints are more for photography, they could also be used for displaying digital artwork.  Especially if your digital artwork involves vibrant colours or uses deep blacks, our semi-gloss premium print has a slight shin that will produce excellent contrast and outstanding reproduction of detail. You can even display your prints with a frame or a wooden hanger.

Art Print

Similar to our Fine Art Print, Art Print is brings out the expressions that you are looking for. The Art Print is printed using a smooth artist matte paper. Plus, it has qualities such as gallery quality Giclée print and a natural white, ultra smooth paper. This makes it a preferred choice of printing your digital artwork. Especially if your digital artwork has lots of rich colours in the artwork, the Art Print truly brings it out. You can display the Art Print with a frame or just paste it on a wall using a washi tape.

Wrapping Up

Now that you have an idea of what type of papers we have you’ll find it easier to know which print to go for your digital artwork through our online photo printing service. If there’s anything we’ve missed or if you need help get in touch with us!

‘Till next time!