Marriage: Photo Prints for Your Wedding Day

Wedding photos are arguably one of the most important aspects of the wedding day. After all, if you didn’t take photos, did it actually happen? Jokes aside, what better way is there to immortalize one of the most important days of your life than with photo prints? With our nifty guide to photos to take during your wedding, you’ll have great memories to look on for the years to come.

The Portraits

This goes without saying. Remember to take plenty of portraits (both alone and together), as a reminder of how dapper and beautiful the both of you look on this special day.

Wedding Portrait

The Walk Down the Aisle

This is a classic moment not to be forgotten. A symbolism of the bride walking into her new life, regardless of who’s arm you’re walking on, you’ll treasure this moment forever.

Walk Down the Aisle

The First Look

While some may opt for a first look beforehand, some may opt to wait for the aisle moment. If you do decide to have a first look before the ceremony, document it. You’ll cherish having your partner’s reaction of pure awe and love to look back on years down the road, we promise.

First Look

The Ring Exchange

Nothing quite characterizes a wedding like a ring exchange. This romantic moment, touching enough to put the us to tears, deserves to be cherished. Take as many photos as your heart desires so that years from now you’ll still be able to remember the exact moment you said, ‘I do’.

Ring Exchange

The Cutting of the Cake

Who doesn’t love cake? We know we do. A lovely cake and a lovely couple? That’s a surefire combination for an amazing photo.

Cake Cutting

The Candid Moments

If we had to choose, wedding candids are our favorite types of photos. There’s nothing quite like seeing raw happiness on faces during joyous occasions, and weddings are no different. Be sure to capture these precious moments before they’re gone forever.

Wedding Candid

Now that you’ve taken your wedding photos, all there is left to do it to print them out. After all, what good are photos left in a thumb drive? Here at Print For Fun, we offer high quality photo printing services in Singapore with quick turnover time, because your quality photos deserve quality photo prints. What’s there not to love? Get your wedding photo prints with Print For Fun today.