How To Clean Your Metal Print

Metal prints are a cool way to display your photos but they can result in unwanted fingerprints or pesky smudges on them. Keeping a metal print clean and free of stains is crucial in maintaining the photo for it to remain in its top form. And glad to say, just a small amount of time and effort is required to keep these metal prints look good for years to come.

Metal Print

Cleaning Solutions

Choosing a solution that does not damage the quality of your print should be a piece of cake! Opt for either water, glass or rubbing alcohol while cleaning and your metal print will be good to go.


Water is a quick and easy solution for cleaning surface dirt from the metal print, but typically leaves streaks or smudges.

Glass Cleaner

A classic cleaning solution when it comes to cleaning glass surfaces and mirrors. Just a little and it can leave your metal prints looking brand new with every clean.

Rubbing Alcohol

With a small amount of rubbing alcohol and a cloth, you can keep your metal print shiny and looking new while streak-free from stains.

Cleaning Techniques

Over time, prints can collect dust so it is a good idea to wipe down your prints about once a month to keep them looking their absolute best. 

When you’re ready to clean your prints, use a light amount of your cleaning solution on a non-harsh cloth, you can also use a spray bottle to spray lightly. Avoid using too much product to avoid getting streaks. When cleaning, begin from the edge of the print and work your way to the centre to push dirt and marks that are hard to remove.

Cleaning Cloth

When it comes to selecting a cloth, a microfiber one will do the job. Remember, it’s all about technique when you clean too!

Avoid using hand or paper towels to clean the surface of your metal print as it will only create unwanted water streaks and particles on it. Steel wool and other abrasive cleaning tools are obviously not suitable for metal prints. These abrasive rags will permanently and irreversibly damage the surface of your metal print.

Metal Prints

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Metal Prints