Guide to Canvas Photo Printing

What is a Canvas Photo Print?


Canvas is a durable type of fabric that is usually made out of cotton or linen. An image can be printed on this canvas and be stretched over a wooden frame to create canvas photo prints. Here at Print For Fun, we use both the inkjet print process (Giclée) and the latex print process to reproduce photographic images on our canvases.

Why Canvas?

Canvas prints give off a more artistic vibe as it is similar to oil and acrylic paintings created by artists. Its fabric surface possesses a texture that will provide additional depth to your printed photo print. Usually, cotton, polyester or a mixture of both, canvas has no glare or reflection when light shines on its surface. As compared to framed prints, canvas prints are usually lighter in weight. Nailing to support the weight of the prints may not be needed at all times!

How is Canvas stretched?

After printing and drying, canvas prints are usually stretched over wooden canvas frames before they are ready for display. At Print For Fun, the canvas is hand-stretched over wooden frames.

Smaller canvas prints are stretched over a 2cm thick wooden frame, whereas larger canvas prints are stretched over 3.5cm. You can see how it’s stretched by our canvas artisans here.

What are Canvas Frame Stretcher Bars?

The canvas bars are wooden pieces where the canvas sheet is being stretched across. Canvas sheets are slightly stretchable and these sheets are stretched across the wooden bars and fastened in place, giving the canvas print some tension. A skilled canvas craftsman is able to stretch the canvas uniformly and evenly without creases across the bars.

Different Canvas Wrap Options Available

There are a few different ways your canvas print can be wrapped around the wooden frame. wraps…colour wraps. All of these depend on your choices, and they will affect the way your image is printed on the canvas.

Image/Gallery Wrap

The image/gallery wrap- The image on the canvas is wrapped around the sides of the stretcher bars and secured to the back of the wooden frame. The image can be resized or extended on Photoshop before printing to ensure it is in its best quality for display.

Colour Wrap

The colour wrap- The image is fully displayed only on the face of the canvas, and the edges are coloured according to the colour of your choice. While it may be best to select a colour from the image, you could also consider the colour of your wall, or the concept of your home before making a decision!

How do I get my canvas print onto the wall?

There are several ways you can hang your canvas print on the wall.

1. Alligator Hook

This method is quick and easy. Simply hook on your canvas print to the nail on your wall, and there you go!

2. Cable Hanging Kit

Another way is to install the cable hanging kit onto the back of your canvas print. Attach the wire cable taut across the wooden canvas frame. Hang it from a nail or hook in the wall. The bigger canvas print sizes here at Print For Fun have these cable hanging kits readily installed for you.

3. 3M Tape

This is a quick and easy solution too. No nail! No hook! The 3M command Large Picture Hanging Strips are strong enough to hold up a frame on the wall. Simply paste one of the sides to the wooden frame, and the other on the wall. The velcro surfaces between the two sides will seal the deal. However, this might be a temporary solution for some. It will lose its stickiness once any of the hanging strips are removed.

How do I care for my canvas print?

Firstly, ensure that your canvas print is displayed indoors only. Moisture and high humidity can damage your canvas print. Also, keep it out of direct sunlight as this can cause the print to fade. If you’re looking to provide some lighting for the canvas, soft artificial light is the way to go. To maintain its cleanliness, softly dust it with a dry cloth/feather duster.

Wall Decor

The most common way of displaying canvas print is as a home wall decor. What better way to display your growing family/wedding portrait, with a grand canvas print on the living room wall? Apart from photos of yourself and loved ones, printing art decor for your wall is also an increasingly popular way to add colours to your common space!

Canvas Collage

Want something a little more interesting? You can get creative with your canvas prints by creating a collage. Layout some of your favourite photos of different sizes on the wall. Or split up a single image into a few canvases and arrange them on the wall to give an abstract yet wholesome feel.

Wedding Display

Canvas photo prints are also a top choice for display at wedding ceremonies. Share your favourite couple moment with your family and friends on your special day by displaying your canvas print on an easel stand at the entrance! Enhance it with fairy lights for a magical touch on your reception table 🙂

Do you still have some questions about canvas printing?

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Where can I print my photo into canvas?

We offer many different sizes for canvas prints. Here is our full list of sizes, you can also customize the sizes if it’s not available in our list 🙂