Gift ideas for Valentine’s Day

When it comes to Valentine’s day gifts, it does not always have to be expensive. Sometimes it is the self-made gifts that are more meaningful to your Valentine. Today’s blog is gonna give you some ideas on what to get for your significant other. Say goodbye to last-minute shopping~!


Fairy lights mason jar with photos

This is a pretty simple DIY to do for your loved ones. You would need fairy lights, a mason jar and a photo. But if you are not as good at DIY like me, you can just find ready-made fairy light mason jar and put a favourite photo and a message in it for your partner.

Fairy lights mason jar

Exploding love box

This is a really cute way to show your boyfriend or girlfriend your love. Making something unique and sweet for your partner that he or she will adore. Pasting your favourite memories into the love box and decorating it. Now, this is something familiar to some of you guys. We previously did a DIY on an Explosion box. You can check out the tutorial here.


Scratch off picture DIY

How about making ’10 of my favourite moments with you’ but with a twist. The twist is to make scratch off pictures of your 10 favourite moments with your boyfriend or girlfriend. This gift will be a fun time moment for your boyfriend and girlfriend to do. A little game between the two of you. If you are curious about how to do it, check out the tutorial here.

DIY Scratch Off Picture

‘Remember when…’ box

Want something that does little DIY but meaningful for your loved one? How about this ‘Remember when…’ box. All you have to do with is print out your favourite memories and moments and write a ‘Remember when….’ sentence below or behind the photo (i.e. An example of the sentence could be ‘Remember when you made me laugh ’till my stomach hurts’)

Place them in the box and give them to your partner. A simple sweet gift for your Valentine. If you are looking for a photo that you can write messages below the photos, our wide vintage and large vintage are the ones for you.

Remember when box

And that’s it! These are some DIY ideas you can do to surprise your Valentine. Interested in getting your pictures printed to do some of this DIY, check it out here. While you are there, check out our photo cube. Pre-order price only for limited time! Who knows, maybe it is the perfect gift for your Valentine.

‘Till next time